GTA Online: “Vespucci Beach Party” Event Weekend Starts Now!

Behold! This weekend, staring Friday November 22nd through Sunday November 24th, you will want to go the the beaches of Vespucci, Chumash and Paleto Bay for the first Grand Theft Auto Online Social Club Event Weekend! Rockstar have announced the details via their blog.

Read up on what to expect from this wacky event!

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Donnywho1726d ago

LMAO, They really know how to make nothing sound like something.

SmokeyMcBear1726d ago

so how is this nothing. Created a playlist so everyone has a central place to join. Increased payouts for crate drops, added in some in game content. What is this "something" you are looking for?

Ripsta7th1726d ago

He probably just read the title

Audiggity1726d ago

yeah, dude, what do you want from them? Go play something else.

Does CoD have "events"? No... you people are impossible please. So annoying.

Donnywho1725d ago

You people are worrying me a little bit. You have to understand what's going on with the online portion of this game. Don't you?

Audiggity1724d ago

@ Donnywho

Yes - there are issues... nerfing, the event failed due to PSN incompatibility, new missions aren't amazing...

But, YOU have to understand that some of us have faith in Rockstar to make this right. We WANT them to fix it because it has so much potential.

So, it is annoying when people are so unbelievably impatient and negative, since day one. So, to them I say, play something else.

Perhaps BF4 would work better? Oh, wait, no... that's a steaming pile of bugs, but, THAT'S OKAY, because "whenever it starts to work, it will be awesome"?

Hahaha... ok, sure... so, only the innovative/ambitious companies are getting the short end of the stick when their games have issues?

Smart - way to help grow the industry in a new and exciting direction. By supporting the recyclers.