Xbox One Launches on an Unprecedented Scale – Even better than Microsoft Expected?

Official statements from Microsoft indicate that the console launch is doing extremely well. However a multitude of reports indicate that Microsoft is falling short on supply and quite a number of U.S. Retailers are all out of Xbox One.

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svoulis1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )


I did check again, even tried looking for myself on google?

Can't find anything to speculate this at all.

Then I'd agree, but all we have here is someone saying "their readers"

For example.





It has nothing to do with being a Sony fan at all. The article in question has no numbers or statistics, all it says is that the people won't get day one editions and it would be replaced with standard editions.

Other then that anyone who ordered the second batch of pre-orders KNEW they'd be waiting til mid-late December.

Proof as in numbers or something not "what someone says".

codelyoko1768d ago

Its not just them. Many sites are reporting the same.

E.g. Sweclockers is a very well known Leak and Enthusiast site. Here:

UltimateMaster1768d ago

That's odd, because there's still plenty of Xbox One laying around on store shelves.

Anyone wants some?

JeffGUNZ1768d ago

Do we have any idea when they will show the launch numbers? I forgot when Sony revealed their numbers, was it Saturday? I doubt MS will get the impressive numbers the PS4, they had some really impressive figures.

whoyouwit041768d ago Show
Neonridr1768d ago

Hard to say how accurate this is. While the article could be telling the truth, it could also be due to a lack of supply from Microsoft's end.

It is possible that the PS4 hardware was finalized earlier than the XB1, which means that production could have started earlier resulting in a larger supply.

Now couple that with the fact that the PS4 only launched in NA, and there should have been more than enough supply to go around. With the XB1 launching around the globe, the supply gets stretched a lot thinner, even if there were the same number of units available as the PS4.

codelyoko1768d ago

Well Said. Most Neutral Comment Ever lol. Bubbled.

svoulis1768d ago

Deleted the report. I personally still don't see enough proof to justify any type of "shortage" I mean if people DIDN'T receive their pre-orders I'd understand.

codelyoko1768d ago

@svoulis thanks. Well they haven't mentioned anything about preorders. Just that a number of US Retailers have run out. Which shows that maybe they (the retailers) or Microsoft weren't expecting this much demand.

forcefullpower1768d ago

There are no short supplies in the UK. You can still pop into stores and pick one up.

kneon1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Of course this is only anecdotal evidence and has a massive sample size of 2 ;^), but there was a big difference in lineups at my two local Best Buys.

For the PS4 the lines started early Thursday morning with at least 50 people in each line before 9 am. For the XB1 there was no one in the morning and I saw only about 6 people by 4:30pm on Thursday. Does 6 people even constitute a line?

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nypifisel1768d ago

Well I would say it's more than likely, why else shrink launch market so drastically? It's rather obvious the supply of Xbox One consoles are limited. Though I don't really get your conclusion; How would a world wide launch (well 13 countries) with the same supply as PS4 NA launch indicate anything other than lack of supplies on MS end? 1 week until the PS4 releases in Sonys biggest market; Europe. We have no numbers yet but the Xbox WW launch probably were around a million, and that's it now. It launched in the initial territories. The PS4 still got 20 something plus markets to launch in within the week and there's at least a million plus to go around that market. Probably more.

Eonjay1768d ago

Here is the thing. From every indication, Microsoft was giving less Pre-Order allotments to retailers. Because of this, and because of high demand, expect the Xbox to sell out quickly. The supply is probably more constrained in Europe.

d0nni31768d ago

Well if anyone in the UK near chesterfield wants one Tesco have them in stock, shop smart and im sure you can pick one up in quite a few places same with the PS4 i'm sure

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guerojose1768d ago

Just in case some of you don't know, there's a long tradition of manufacturers limiting product supply to create a shortage, thereby claiming high demand. Especially during the holidays, when there's a cachet to having the toy that everyone is trying to get. Not saying that's the case here, but longer term sales totals are the only way to see thru the PR spin.

mhunterjr1768d ago

That's a practice done when the items price fluctuates with demand. This isn't the case here. Console manufactures want to sell as many consoles as they possibly can, so they are working to manufacture them as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they are leaving money on the table. There is absolutely no benefit to not meeting demand, especially if your competition also has a hot item and they are getting them into the hands of customers.

Death1768d ago

If you can regulate supplies you increase demand. People will want what they can't have. This is very common practice especially around the holiday buying frenzy.

Funantic11768d ago

I'm about to pick mine up in a few minutes. It's good thing mine was preordered. It would be very hard to supply the demand.

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