XBOX One: Hardware and UI Impressions | 6aming

6aming's Jamie has been playing around with the Xbox One for a few hours and has given his first impressions on the hardware and the UI.

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mrpsychoticstalker1702d ago

My first impression was: holy cow, this is amazing! Yes I agree with the author, at first it feels kind of funny to talk to kinect but then it becomes very convenient. As a Xbox live user the interface its easy and it looks great. I have no problems with NY xb1 its perfect. I even plugged in my ps4 just for the heck of it and it looks amazing! I will probably leave it like because it is convenient. Of course until god of war comes out with its amazing graphics!

KingDadXVI1702d ago

You can still leave it connected for God of War as the graphics won't change. It is just HDMI pass though. It won't be re-rendered by the Xbox One.

This seems to be the impression of the majority of people so far. I think that the proof is in the pudding and if it works as well as people are saying then that is great. Can't wait for my kids to open this at Christmas.

mrpsychoticstalker1702d ago

My daughter is already loving it. Your kids will too. I am sure. Good luck!

KingDadXVI1702d ago

Thanks. I know they will love it but it is driving me nuts as I want it as bad as they do. My son is driving me bananas too as they want it now but it is a Santa present.

I have to take solace in tormenting them by making out that they may not get it if they do not behave.