PS4 vs PS3 Boot Time Comparison

PS4 vs PS3 Boot Time Comparison:

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ZBlacktt1640d ago

Both are damn fast, so a win win.

Decastis1640d ago

It seemed to me that PS4 was faster...

Adexus1640d ago

That's what I thought, and they had to go through the user account selection menu too.

ShinMaster1640d ago

Game installs are also faster on PS4. PS4 has a faster Blu-ray drive.

C-H-E-F1640d ago

HE** Yeah... they lied like hell with that.. you can clearly see the PS4 on the xmb before the ps3.. either way they both are fast. So like @Zblcktt said WIN WIN :D

GentlemenRUs1640d ago

Sony knows how to please the gamer :P

KwietStorm1640d ago

I booted up my PS3 the other day and it felt archaic. Don't know how I dealt with spinning icon hell for so long.

BKsecret1640d ago

Yeah, I was playing on the PS3 and I needed to message my friend. It took so long just to load the message box.

Then I realized I could NOW use my PlayStation app and message people! It's awesome!

I still love my PS3 and their games.

imXify1640d ago

With my Vita I get 16 seconds from the time I press the power button, and 11 seconds from the time I see the PS logo

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