Microsoft: Forza 5 Running at 1080p, 60fps Shows What Future Xbox One Games Can Be

"What Forza 5 is able to do in terms of presentation shows just the start of the Xbox One's power."

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Kayant1768d ago

MS sure are silly looool. First it's specs don't matter. You must have the right balance. Magical upscaler means native res doesn't matter too much. However, we have awesome Froza 5 running at 1080p 60fps.

MWong1768d ago

It's all in the wording, all in the wording.

dantesparda1768d ago

Guys, its quite simple really, "resolution" doesnt matter when the X1 ver has lower res than the PS4 ver. but then it does matter when the X1 can produce a game at 1080p. Just like the framerates. Framerates to MS fanboys are more important to than resolution until their games can barely run at a constant 30fps, then suddenly framerates arent so important.

Oh and also dont forget, graphics dont matter, its all about the "gameplay" until the game has good graphics, then its all about the graphics again. Fanboys (and im talking about all stripes) are phonies. They'll flip flop like crazy and say whatever supports their arguments.

Hatsune-Miku1768d ago

Sony 2006:ridge racer 7 running at 1080p @ 60 fps shows what the future PS3 games can be.

AsimLeonheart1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I am really curious about one thing about Forza 5. The game received a massive downgrade from the E3 reveal and nobody has seemed to notice anything. People like the author of this article still present the game as some kind of pinnacle of next-gen graphics and hardware performance. Just check out this thread to see the difference.


The game is nothing like the original reveal trailer that impressed everybody and media does not even mentions it. The crowd is the biggest downgrade which is just 2d images now instead of 3d models that were originally shown in the reveal. In addition, lightning, textures and foliage have been toned down significantly. It is things like these that make you think that either the media is biased or MS pays to keep them silent or to hype something up.

andrewsqual1768d ago

And GT6 can do 1080p 6fps too but also has day night cycles and lighting that changes on this factor. What the hell is so next gen about Forza's graphics then?

MWong1768d ago

WOW I didn't even notice the downgrade. That's a huge downgrade in quality.

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kneon1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

But racing games are amongst the easiest to get running at high res and framerates, so don't take that as an indication of what's possible in other genres.

Gekko361768d ago

Thanks for that, I didn't know, have you worked on many racing games and are you a modeller or programmer.. Just curious

curtis921768d ago

Apparently not that easy when you look at the screen comparisons below of 'demoed' forza and 'final' forza.

Hicken1768d ago

It's just a rather easy conclusion to come to. Generally speaking, everything in a racing game is static but the cars.

Especially in a game where nothing else is dynamic(weather/lighting), there's far less for the game to do, graphically. And in those ridiculous mirror-like reflections on the cars and... well.

kneon1768d ago

While I am a programmer and have worked on 3D graphics and games as part of my work I'm not a games developer. But you don't need to be to understand why it's easier for racing games.

In racing games the player's movement is typically highly restricted and pretty predictable. You are normally racing around a race track with well defined limits so the developers can easily predict which graphical assets will need to be rendered next.

Also anything off track doesn't need to be rendered at very high quality because you can't get close to it. And since you will normally be flying by at high speed you won't normally notice the lower quality of these objects or any of the shortcuts they take such as making objects 2D with fixed shadows and lighting.

It is also easier to animate cars then living creatures. Other than the wheels there really isn't much moving on a vehicle, it's just an object moving through space, it's shape doesn't change. Most of the vehicle parts is also solid colors that just need to be shaded and have reflections added, no textures required in most cases.

ruefrak1768d ago

From everything I've read, yes, racing games and sports games are easier to do it because most of the HD assets will be pre-rendered and then loaded. Where XB1 and its esram are going to have a hard time is in open world games where the HD assets are going to need to be constantly loaded and very little is pre-rendered.

Ripsta7th1768d ago

Is that right kneon? Whats going on with Driveclub? Werent they working to get it running att 30fps

kneon1768d ago


Simple, they are trying to do more and have a more dynamic world. You can always try to push any game to do more, or you can take shortcuts and take the easy way out.

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Bolts-N-Rays11091768d ago

They are being forced into saying resolutions and fps because people on the Internet keep saying the box can't do 1080p, 60fps.

Sarcasm1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Microsoft: "Play the games not the resolution"

Gamers: "Ok, you know what? You're right. Graphics don't matter that much, gameplay is what's going to be what defines next-gen."

*Loads up Ryse*

Gamers: "Whoa what the hell MS?"

Microsoft: "Umm... Play the resolution, not the game! Forza 5 Running 1080p 60fps shows what future Xbox One Games Can Be."


Forza 5 looks a tad bit better than 4...major downgrade. Picked it up with ryse...ryse looks good but its mechanics and combat are boring and last gen.

PSNrandom151768d ago

I'm confused is this a good thing?

Back-to-Back1767d ago

Forza 5 looks like a 360. Based off what I saw from my friend playing...
-The draw distance is terrible
-Tons of aliasing
-The cardboard cutout crowd is real
-The lighting is odd to say the least.

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GarrusVakarian1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Im an avid Forza fan (i always preferred it to GT), i played all of the past games, but the live streams and gameplay vids ive been watching today and yesterday don't look as good as the previous builds ive seen. You can definitely tell that cutbacks were made to maintain that 1080p 60fps. That, and the fact that it has less content than the previous games is a little disheartening to me.

Im still going to buy it....but im glad im buying it next year when it won't be full retail price.

Forza 4 - 600+ cars - 40+ tracks
Forza 5 - 210 cars - 14 tracks


jimbobwahey1768d ago

If you watch the screenshot comparison of the final build of the game compared to the initial gameplay demos, it's staggering just how severe they've downgraded the graphics of the game.

I thought that the original gameplay demos that they had of the Prague circuit looked stunning (IGN gameplay demo, Jimmy Fallon) but they were obviously running the game on PC. The final version of the game looks absolutely hideous in comparison.

You can see the screenshots here, it's shocking:

I can see why reviewers were giving the game 7/10 scores now, it's disappointing all round. The heavy focus on micro transactions is disgraceful, too.

Pintheshadows1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Are those pictures for real?! I'm not accusing you or anything, I am just a bit shocked.

I'd love to believe you Bolt but I am watching guys on Twitch play it and it doesn't look near what Fallon was playing. All the enviromental shadows have disappeared and the textures look really bland and lifeless.

This is both pretty shocking and kind of sad. I know games change throughout their development time but this just has really really pretty car models and slightly better backgrounds. Shadows are missing all over the place.

Bolts-N-Rays11091768d ago

I watched the IGN livestream of Forza 5 on Wednesday and it didn't look anything like that.

ZodTheRipper1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Funny looking back at the 30 disagrees I got for my comment back then ...

What Microsoft does is close to criminal, showing a vastly superior game running on high end PC's before launch just to downgrade the hell of it to make it run smoothly on their console ...did they really think noone would notice?!

Drekken1768d ago

Come on, Forza 5 has as many cars and tracks... You just have to spend an extra $50 to get them. $110.00 games are next gen.

Vithar1768d ago

what"future"games can be?
How about now? We are next gen aren't we?

Valkyre1768d ago

That Sega Genesis Mortal Kombat crowd Forza uses, sure as hell is next gen and evidence as what devs need to do to get 1080p 60 fps in Xbox one...


amnalehu1768d ago

The cars look amazing inside and out. I love the Drivatar concept as well. Best game on Xbone so far!

darren_poolies1768d ago

Not really saying much is it?

amnalehu1768d ago

Sadly it is not saying much. I can't buy the 1 just for Forza and Kinect. I don't know how anyone says the XB1 launch line-up is better than the PS4's.

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