Xbox One vs Xbox 360 Boot Time Comparison

Check out a boot time comparison between Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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Chuk51762d ago

I`m not usually who really cares about startup times, but chirst the The XB1 cold boot is long.

curtis921762d ago

Shocking to me. I thought with 3gb of ram or whatever it is devoted to the OS it would be lightning fast.

decrypt1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

RAM can do nothing about boot times. Even on PCs its about the CPU and the HDD or SSD used.

Since both new consoles come with bloated OS'es and are equipped with Tablet CPUs plus 5400RPM HDs(these are about the slowest HDs in the industry), all of this is responsible for long load times on the new consoles.

ThanatosDMC1762d ago

^What do you mean by bloated OS? On a console?

svoulis1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )


seriously @Decrpyt

again, with the spewing of non-sense?

First the whole you need an i7 or i5 to take advantage of an SSD, now this.....

Do you even know how computers work?


Don't know if you knew this but Microsofts OS is on flash memory. The same type found in SSD's so guess what...wrong again.

Stop trying to justify this tablet CPU nonsense. Clearly you know very little about how the tech works.

mhunterjr1762d ago

Shit that's long... Not totally surprised thigh, it's booting 3 OS's... I won't be cold booting mine often anyway... then i wouldn't be able to take advantage of some of its neatest features.

The Meerkat1762d ago

BS does a 360 start that fast.

Now I love my 360 but damn does it seem to take forever to turn on

The Meerkat1762d ago

it said 31.22 sekunden.

Which i'm guessing is 31 seconds.

If my 360 starts in under 1 minute i'm happy.

RobbyGrob1762d ago

I guess we just witnessed why MS wants you to leave the thing on.

kewlkat0071762d ago

Would be nice to compare it to last gen boot...After all most users might want t to know the difference