Xbox One vs PS4 Game Install Time Comparison

Watch a new video showing a game install time comparison on PS4 and Xbox One.

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GribbleGrunger1727d ago

Why does it take 4 minutes longer to install on the X1?

GarrusVakarian1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

I know, that's weird. Can you play while you install with the X1?

Damn that's quick on the PS4, i hated the installs on PS3.

Kayant1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )


iirc yes but it's only after a certain percentage

"Call of Duty: Ghosts reportedly takes around 10 minutes to install 51 per cent of the game, after which point you are then able to play."

darthv721727d ago

It seems that if a game requires a patch that is available at the time you first insert the disc....the xb1 downloads and installs the patch during the install process.

If you disconnect from the internet, the game can be installed prior to patching but if you go online then it will get the patch before playing.

My view is both platforms should have kept the option to play from the disc with the choice to install if needed. Both are using newer and quicker bluray optical drives.

ProjectVulcan1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

Bluray 6x read is a constant 27MB/s. If the drive runs for over 5 minutes at full speed just installing it should be at least 8Gb read off the disc.

But I don't think thats the problem, I think there has to be a software flaw here, I read reports of people having extremely slow installs far beyond anything that should be happening.

OS bug? Updates problem? Disc errors? Who knows.

FANTA11801727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

at some point yes,.

user55757081727d ago

well looks like that cloud processing is hard at work

BitbyDeath1727d ago

Sony has a secondary chip which it offloads a lot of work to, Xbone does not.

vigilante_man1727d ago

If you are the owner of a new sparkling XBox One today I guess you do not give a damn if it takes a little longer to install just as long as you can play your new next gen games!

As I jealous PS4 fan still waiting in the UK I can only offer my best wishes to all XB1 owners on their fantastic launch. Here's hoping there are no major issues.

Today is Microsoft's Day. A big congratulations to them and all new XB1 owners. Let the games begin...

irepbtown1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )


I'm on your boat, still another week until our release.

The PS4 is faster but not by a big amount which is good news for any folks getting (or have) the X1. And I'm sure whatever console you've chosen, you wouldn't mind a few minute difference.

Totally agree @Lukas_Japonicus, PS3 install was bloody annoying on the PS3. From what I'm reading about the PS4, it's pretty quick.

ShinMaster1727d ago


Mystery solved.

NewMonday1727d ago

so far the PS4 has..

faster installs
faster browser
organized UI
simple to use live stream
better audio support

the PS4 is winning the services category the XBone was built for.

UnHoly_One1727d ago

NewMonday I have to disagree with you on the "organized UI" bullet point.

I think the PS4's UI is absolutely horrible.

I never liked the XMB either, though.

At least this is marginally better, but I predict it will get to be quite the cluttered mess once you build up a library of downloaded games.

LonDonE1727d ago

@vigilante_man and @irepbtown

I too live in UK and man waiting one more week is killing me, what makes it even worse is my work colleagues booked time off on the launch day, so i will be stuck at work from 7am till 8:30pm so by the time i get home I AM SHATTERED!!! so most likely wont even be able to play it much!
And its the same for Saturday, i have Sunday off, so Saturday night onwards i will be playing it non stop LOL

So annoyed i didn't book it off earlier, knowing my mates they will msg me with vids pics etc! aaaggghhhh!!!! either way at least i can say i have my own job,my own house, wife and kids, and so bills to pay! while most of them live at home with their mums and have had their mums buy it for them LOLOL

So technically its not even their PS4! LMAO

FamilyGuy1727d ago

They said they wanted to make everything faster on the PS4, that secondary chip is doing an amazing job.

It's been said that downloads, system updates and patches all happen in the background, even while in standby mode thanks to this low-power secondary chip. What I was curious about was whether uploads continue in the background while in standby mode as well because I didn't see this mentioned. I was going to bed and my video wasn't done uploading so I tested it out. Tried it last night with an upload of a Resogun video and it works!

Loving the PS4 more each day.

snipermk01727d ago

another comparison with Call of Duty Ghosts:

mikeslemonade1726d ago

Haha whatever happen to XBL being the better service?? I mention XBL because the zealots usually mention that they don't need to install games because it installs during while they download.

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OrangePowerz1727d ago

Could have something to do with the Xbox One originally being designed to run games only from the HDD and not from the disc. The plan was that the discs are only used for installation and the game would work without the disc. They might not have changed that function, so it would need to install more data before it is playable.

ethomaz1727d ago

PS4 runs the game from HDD only too.

Kayant1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )


No it doesn't. How do you explain how people can play it while the game installs in the background?

Edit - Ahh I see what you mean there. Yh after initial installation that's true.


surely if the original idea from the beginning was that all games would be installed and run from the HDD, then shouldn't it be a lot faster on the xb1.

I can understand that installing and then starting to play may be affected but regardless. If the xb1 was always intended to install then it should be optimized to do that in the fastest possible time, it should be faster then the ps4 if anything... Not slower

another question, are the stall sizes exactly the same for both systems? I think everyone just assumes that they are, but has anyone actually checked ?

ethomaz1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )


The games runs only from HDD... it install the first amount of data to start to play the game so after that it use this game to play and in background install the additional to progress in the game... after the full disc is installed no BD read is done anymore.

Games on PS4 are full installed on HDD too.

Cerny explained that pretty well.

Edit - @DARK WITNESS, the install sizes are close... just 1-2GB different.

despair1727d ago


Not true, you can start playing killzone less than a minute after inserting the disk and textures are massive, no way would it have copied enough resources to pay the game by then, it runs from both until it is fully cached on the hdd.

OrangePowerz1727d ago

The PS4 still loads from both disc and HHD after the files are installed, hence why you don't need for it to reach 50% in games like CoD before you can play.

Sevir1727d ago

The PS4 Caches data for fast loading, you are still required to have the disc in the drive to play, UNLESS the game is digital!

I tried switching from Resogun to Battlefield 4 while Injustice:GAU was in the drive and a message popped up saying,

"proper disc not inserted"
And I had to eject Injustice and insert BF4.

cell9891727d ago

I think it's all software, Sony really did a number on Microsoft, they are ahead on everything. I sure as he'll see how the trade off for no mp3 at launch was the right choice, in exchange for twitch streaming and smooth game installs. Sony did not F around this time

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Bathyj1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

Got me a Hybrid drive. Interested to see what difference it makes.

That comparison is bizzare.
There are a few instances where the Stock drive is quicker. and apparent Black Flag boots 37 and 47 seconds quicker on the stock than the Hybrid and Solid State respectively. Thats a huge amount.

Yet they claim Hybrid offers the best combination of performance boost, storage size and price over all but some of those numbers seem weird.

Oh well, its what Im using now. I think I've actually got the same Seagate they used in the test so I should be good.

Eonjay1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

There is a comparison on IGN:

ABizzel11727d ago

It should knock off a few seconds on just about everything you do.

How bid is the SD in it?

Eonjay1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

Its not what it seems and I don't think IGN pointed out the obvious. With Hybrid HDD you have to let the drive cache data to NAND to utilize its speed boost. So basically, the first boot of Resogun may be slow, but subsequent boots will be much faster than HDD. This includes system cold booting.

GameSpawn1727d ago


That is also assuming that the "redundant" data doesn't exceed the size of the SSD cache (8GB on most hybrid drives).

So as long as the data that is constantly being accessed from the hard drive stays under 8GB you'll notice near SSD performance as the data is being pulled from the SSD cache and not the conventional drive. Once you have a cache miss (data not on the SSD portion) then you get MUCH slower access times due to the failed attempt + subsequent data retrieval and caching.

The goal is to minimize cache misses. Inevitably you are going to have a cache miss, but if the data set your working with is small enough your hits will far outweigh the misses giving closer to real SSD performance. If it is the other way around though you can actually get WORSE performance than a conventional hard drive alone because you are performing two read requests for each cache miss instead of one.

The_KELRaTH1727d ago

Unfortunate not nearly as much as it could have due to saving a few pence and not supporting SATA III

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stuna11727d ago

Those 3 OS's are bogging down the Xbox1 as a whole! One would have to figure there would have to be some type of conflict between the different Operating systems, even on standard PC's with more than one OS tweaks have to be made! I don't see why the same wouldn't apply to the Xbox1 as we'll.

123pol1727d ago

The ps4 has a x8 bluray and xbox one has a x6

tigertom531727d ago

maybe ps4 has a faster drive

crazyclown1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

Reason why the PS4 is superior and the XBONE is inferior :)

Hate all you want, this is my opinion (and a fact). Dislike it? GTFO!

Love it, then :)

farhad2k81727d ago


Are you kidding me? If you put the PS4 and XB1 UI in front of a 60 year old man who has never had an electronic device in his life, he would find it much easier to navigate on the PS4. The UI isn't bulked up with random ads, random TV related prompts, it's straight to the point, and it revolves around the games of the PS4.

Tapewurm1727d ago

The power of Teh Cloud! 8)

TBONEJF1727d ago

and why are u all looking at FIFA? that's not a next gen game

solid_snake36561727d ago

It seems slow because it was compared to a superior console.

SaturdayNightBeaver1727d ago

Jesus lets compare which power cord is longer? This is just pure BS

shysun1726d ago

Why? It's always been this way...Why don't you like it now?

Im not saying we have to be this way but just go with it man. ;)

Gekko361726d ago

This is just a geek pissin contest.

Well I've got an Xbox One and a 9.5" nob. Does that mean I win?

imdaboss11727d ago

4 to 5 min is a big difference who the hell wants to wait that long??

Demobot1726d ago

A loser with no life or woman.

BX811727d ago

Lmao go figure cod, I could play bf4 and ryse single player around 23%. The mp for bf4 I couldn't play till 100% download.

Malacath1726d ago

Probably because a game patch is being downloaded during the install.

I agree though that game installs are annoying on any platform but unfortunately that's how it's going to be on both ps4 and xb1.

At least once the game is installed you don't have to do it again(unless you delete of course)

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iLemon1727d ago

It took so long to install NFS that I thought it was copying the entire disk instead of the 351MB it mentioned. It took less time to download the 500MB OS update over the internet.

blackbirdi1727d ago

are talking about xbox one or ps4 ?

MasterCornholio1727d ago

He's talking about Xbox One because the PS4s update is only 300MB in size.

Nexus 7 2013

JackVagina1727d ago

whats the dealio? dont they both have the same 5400rpm HDD and 6x BD drive

AgitatedOcelot1727d ago

Three Microsoft OS's running through virtualization and using the ntfs filesystem.

I'm guessing the PS4 is using EXT 4 since it uses BSD, Which is just a better, faster files system in my opinion.

agibbis1727d ago


Its not all about snazzy hardware, considering both machines are very similar.

The software the PS4 uses and file system is imo what puts the PS4 slightly ahead.

GoodnessGreatness1727d ago

Add a faster harddrive like an SSD.

Fishy Fingers1727d ago

Are there any benchmarks to compare? Based on current gen I believe that made little difference.

I personally don't see the fuss, if your installing the game your going to have to wait. So wait. I don't think knowing X console installs something 10% faster or slower is going to kill you.

sak5001727d ago

Dont know about consoles but i've been using 128GB SSD as main o/s and i've noticed shortend boot time, increased response when opening o/s related apps like control pannel ones. Been using it since 2011.

I wish new gen consoles could have used a 32 / 64 gb ssd only for o/s and caching files.

BX811727d ago

I hated the ps3 wait but I got use to it. The Xbox one wait isn't as long but still sux and I'm already over it.

My_Outer_Heaven1727d ago

From what I've seen theres no real performance benefit from doing that. Its better to go bigger rather than a bit faster.

DoesUs1727d ago

A hybrid drive seems the best option, and you will see some really good gains over the stock drive.

Bathyj1727d ago

Thats why I went Hybrid. Still 1tb but slightly better performance (should be comparable to a 7200rpm which I had trouble finding a good one) but less heat than that, and cheaper and more storage than a SSD.

thehitman1727d ago

from the benches I seen as well I dont think its worth it to put an SSD. Especially since the size of the SSD will be MUCH less which is counter productive. Unless your willing to fork out like 500-600 bucks for a 1 TB SSD I wouldnt bother and still then I would rather stick that baby in my PC and not my ps4.

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MasterCornholio1727d ago

Wow the Xbox One is slow.

Nexus 7 2013

sak5001727d ago

Wow ps3 had pretty long assed downloads/install/updates but did it stop it from selling?

Swiggins1727d ago

That was 8 years ago bro, we're living in the future dammit!

MasterCornholio1727d ago

Did having faster installs stop the PS4 from outselling the Xbox One?

Deathdeliverer1727d ago

Swiggins I tried to agree but hit disagree on my phone in laughter lol.