Huntsmen: Post-Apocalyptic OZ- With Drop Bears

OXCGN: When everything collapses and goes to hell, you can see the best and worst of humanity illustrated starkly against the crumbling ruins of order.

This may be why gamers’ fascination with a post-apocalyptic world is never quite satisfied no matter how many infected zombies or destroyed landscapes pop up in our favourite titles. We love to see the drama of disaster and the struggle to survive.

There are so many post disaster games now, from The Last of Us, to Fallout, to Resident Evil, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Metro and even Call of Duty. But most of these are set in the United States or Eastern Europe, and so when a new title that looks vastly different comes along, and is set in a part of the world hardly ever touched by video games (with the notable exception of the upcoming Mad Max), it’s a breath of non-gas mask-filtered fresh air.

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gaminoz1731d ago

This game has an awesome vision....but will it get enough support from gamers who seem to flock to the samey-type games?

I hope so.

BadCircuit1731d ago

This game would be so fun. I love that you can be a NPC in the game too

So sick of post-apocalyptic games set in US or Eastern Europe

gaminoz1731d ago

Yes, Australia would make an awsome locale if it isn't just Mad Max desert

BootHammer1731d ago

Very interesting! I love Post-Apocalyptic games, especially ones that change the landscape and experience that we are use to playing in.