Diehard GameFAN: Madden NFL 25 Review

DHGF: Madden NFL 25 may not quite be the ultimate next gen experience, and may not be the most accessible or original game in the world, but it is a solid game of football that’s absolutely packed with content, and that’s reason enough to give it an easy thumbs up. There’s a ton of options to play with from jump, and the game generally looks and sounds great, though the visuals don’t quite meet the next gen expectations one might have going in. The core game of football is sound and there’s an extensive amount of options, from tweaking of game mechanics to customizing your teams how you want, that should allow most players to access the game how they want after they’ve spent time learning everything. With involved play modes like Connected Franchise and Ultimate Team, numerous simple play modes to jump into and constantly updating content and rosters, the game makes it very easy to keep coming back for a long time to come, no matter what your interests might be.

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