Terraria releases on PS Vita in December

Terraria will release on PlayStation Vita on December 4, 2013, Sony has revealed.

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sophie011463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

One of the best game i have ever played. Thanks a lot

jujubee881463d ago

It's awesome with multiplayer. Well, so long as no one is griefing.

ThanatosDMC1463d ago

Better late than never. Been wanting this.

shammgod1463d ago

Cross buy if we bought for ps3? Please?

I think they already said no to this....

Grave1463d ago

Sick. Lots of my friends playing it on Steam. I'll get it for Vita day one.

PoSTedUP1463d ago

been waiting for this and mincraft, nice.

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The story is too old to be commented.