Killzone Parties It Up In Amsterdam

Guerrilla Games Team gets dolled up for the night

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Livingon6001674d ago

Im sure that dude is going to find more ways to have fun in Amsterdam, if you know what I mean. Har had

Blank1673d ago

Oooyeah! Best KZ event location to choose...

rmw2hot1674d ago

Killzone is my favorite gaming franchise. Can't wait 2 see there new ip. Imma big fan of guerrilla games and having a blast playing Shadow Fall multiplayer in native 1080p it looks amazing detail. Planning on picking up killzone mercenary soon just recently bought a psvita.

Xer0_SiN1673d ago

shadowfall baby!

"oh such a perfect just keep me hanging on"

side note: amsterdam...hostel baby! lol

Livingon6001673d ago

LOL! I totally forgot about that flick! Hot chicks, scary, and goofy that movie was!

Hipflask1673d ago

Can't wait to play KZSF - I'm a big fan of the franchise. Only six days left! :)

first1NFANTRY1673d ago

me too, i love the franchise since the first KZ on ps2. have to wait till 29th to pick it up along with my brand new ps4 :)

Bio_Mod1672d ago

Definitely, not much longer.