PS4 beats Xbox One to BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer had previously been available on all the next-generation consoles, and the BBC had said that it is working on an app for the Xbox One, but it’s not yet got an official release date.

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rajman1551d ago

"There’s currently no Netflix" Wrong, I've been using it on my UK account for the past couple of days. Also note that BBC iPlayer and all those other apps in the pic are not currently working

SniperControl1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Are you based in the UK using your UK account?

On my travels around the world, Iplayer only allows access from with-in the UK(it checks your IP address). i can usually get round it by using my company's VPN, but on PS4, you have no chance of doing that.

This also applies to alot of other streaming services that i have tried, most streaming services only have licensees to show certain material in that country, hence why it is blocked for people trying to access it outside the intended country..

rajman1551d ago

lol I get 3 disagrees for being right?

@ SniperControl Yes Im in the UK and BBC iPlayer, 5 on Demand, IGN and BBC Sports are not currently working...probably because the PS4 is not yet launched in EU. Netflix works fine though

SniperControl1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )


Dude, you got a PS4 right now???

How did you wrangle that?

SniperControl1551d ago

Dont answer, just seen your Youtube channel lol

rajman1551d ago

In other news I just got my Xbox One and its basically dead =( it boots and the green screen with logo shows and then it freezes.
Will upload a video soon

pyramidshead1551d ago

I think twitch streaming and broadcasting is way more relevant. It's already doing good things for PlayStation 4.

Fishy Fingers1551d ago

How does Twitch allow you to watch BBC programmes? I don't see the relevance.

pyramidshead1551d ago

The article addresses apps being first on certain next gen systems. That's how it's relevant.

Pintheshadows1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

That is an understatement. Twitch is a hell of a lot busier these days. It is no longer just guys playing League of Legends. Twitch must be loving it.

kingPoS1551d ago

I didn't even know you could stream the playroom. Props to that guy and his wife.

Gateway MT6706 2008

kingPoS1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Oh snap! Someone just gave away a code for Velocity Ultra. I tell you what! I didn't hesitate for a second to redeem that; not a second. lol

Thanks FuturLab Blitzgrilo... whoever you are.
Twitch is Awesome!

Stealth edit: I just realized they wrote backwards so the message would read out un-mirrored. Wow! I didn't even notice until I had a closer look at the PS4 box. lol

Mad props to them.

Gateway MT6706 2008