PS4: Install an SSD - How to, benchmarks

Is there any use in installing an SSD into the PS4? PC Games Hardware shows how to replace the HDD with an SSD and how this affects boot times.

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My_Outer_Heaven1730d ago

I see no real benefit in those results.. would rather just get a bigger hard drive.

Extreme_Coolcat1730d ago

But to know that you have to read some reviews like this. :-) I can imagine that some guys just order their SSDs for the PS4 straight away - only to find out that there is no real benefit for the price of the SSD.

decrypt1730d ago

Well you have consider a PC equipped with a I7 CPU possibly OCed above 4ghz will be badly bottlenecked by a traditional HDD, hence with that much power a SSD is a good upgrade and the PC can actually use it.

A PS4 which comes literally equipped with a tablet CPU running at 1.6 - 1.8 ghz is well suited to run with a HDD running at 5400rpm. That tablet CPU just wont be able to take advantage of an SSD. I would think the PS4 CPU would be a huge bottleneck when working with SSDs.

svoulis1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )


So you're telling me that if I have SATA III 6Gb/s in my laptop it wont take advantage of it because the CPU isn't a i7?

Oh boy.

Oh boy....

I don't even really know what to say.

Or it could just might be that the PS4 and Xbox One do not have SATA III 6GB/s and they use SATA II 3GB/s

Edit @decrypt still wrong.

Maybe you should watch this.. and learn something :D

decrypt1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

In the real world Sata II or Sata III it doesnt really make much of a difference. Sure benchmarks will show you a difference. Real world apps not so much.

Having an I5 or I7 would take advantage of the SSD. I just think its the Console CPUs that are the bottleneck.

rainslacker1730d ago


I put a small SSD drive in my crappy AMD dual core laptop that ran slower than molasses, and after the install the difference in speed was immediately apparent.

5400 RPM hard drives have been a bottleneck since the days of the first Pentium processor. The processor in the X1 and PS4 are far ahead of that.

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svoulis1730d ago

I went with a 1TB Hybrid drive, it shaves anywhere from 5-10 seconds off loading but only about 20$ more then a standard 1TB drive.

xHeavYx1730d ago

Link please? before I run out of space, lol

Dno1730d ago

I agree where did you get it from!

svoulis1730d ago


^I got mine for about 110$

seems to have gone up a bit now :D

Skate-AK1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

@heavy Not sure if this is the only he got but here is a nice one.

Edit. Haha wow. I guessed right.

AlexanderNevermind1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

I got the same and yeah I've had zero problems with it so far. Purchased it about a week before the release of the PS4. Took around 20 minutes from install to software update.

Link shows comparison speed tests with hybrid and ssd's.

Sarcasm1730d ago

That's the best route as far as price/performance ratio is concerned. An SSD is going to be the fastest option, but we'll be lucky to fit like 5 full games on a 256GB drive (It's actually only around 238GB effective)

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Neonridr1730d ago

I don't know how accurate this is though. What I would like to see is how quickly a PS+ game that is entirely stored on the HD takes to load.

I've seen reports that games like Resogun take about half the time to load up (20 seconds instead of 40) when running it from an SSD.

I can see how games that still require some information to be loaded from a game disc will not benefit fully from this changeover. But anything that is fully installed on the HD and does not require any disc to play should experience significant drops in loading time.

My_Outer_Heaven1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

SSD is amazing in a PC just don't see the point in having one in a PS4 if the performance increases only by a few seconds. My PC boots up instantly as does most the applications that I have installed on it, playing games and loading games and booting up a PS4 with an SSD doesn't really have those same advantages from what I've seen so far.

I still install my PC games on a HDD to keep my SDD primarily for application and OS.

PS4 needs bigger storage but that's it, I don't intend up upgrading my PS4 until the hard drive starts to show around an 20% remaining drive space.

I would love to get a 2TB+ faster RPM HDD inside it eventually.

evil_element1730d ago

Depends greatly also on what SSD you buy. Like Samsung vs SanDisk vs Kingston vs plextor the internal timing algorithms of each.

bamillington1730d ago

Im gonna wait a year or so then get 2 tb, they should be half price by then