A Slim Chance

In his latest article for Zero1Gaming, Chris has a theory regarding Square-Enix's delay of FFX/X-2 HD on Vita in the West.

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CLOUD19831697d ago

I was expecting the slim chance to be for western version to include Japanese voice overs because I read recently that Lightning Returns is going to have the option for the first 2 weeks to download the Japanese VO & after that u can buy them as a DLC & that surprise me very much this never happen before on any FF as much as I know so I was hopping for that kind of surprise not a Vita bundle...

Whxian1697d ago

was only planning to possibly get the vita version, if that's delayed then buying it is delayed.

shammgod1697d ago

FFX was one of my favorites, but I am only interested in this for Vita.

AC2020x1697d ago

Will this be for ps4/????

Whxian1697d ago

probably not, only ps3 and vita, but if ur in the us, then i guess sooner or later u can stream ps3games to ps4 via their service

Lucreto1697d ago

The perfect time would have been mid October to mid November after GTA and the PS4 launch.

Now it is the same day as Infamous Second Son.

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The story is too old to be commented.