Disappointing PS4 and Xbox One Launch Titles Make the Wii U Look Really Good

Charles Herold from "The future is unknown, but for the present, the Wii U is where the action is"

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ArchangelMike1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

yeh, right. That's why Wii U's have been flying off shelves... because of their great launch games! The article claims the Wii U is the best 'next-gen' console to have. What? FAIL.

Yep1642d ago

> Talks about poor Wii U sales that were a direct result of a drought of games a few months ago

> Article is taking about a game that just released today as well as future titles

Not sure if butthurt...

kB01641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Nothing really has changed, although sales have gone up do the release of windwaker and the New Super Mario 3D land, it still fails to even compete with both the Xbox one and Ps4 even though it had a year head start.

I am going to buy the Wii.U no matter what when it goes down in price cuz I love Mario games, but I think this is one of the worst selling consoles of all time.

Their expected sales this generation is 25 million, that's nearly double that of the Dreamcast which had an abysmal lifespan and 1/4 of the Wii. The Wii.U, now a year in is nearly a third of worldwide dreamcast sales. with the dreamcast discontinued from production.

Please compare apples with apples not with oranges.

The PS4/Xbox one are in different markets than the Wii.U, no matter what people think.

Shnazzyone1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Got news for you kB0, xbox 360 and ps3 both sold less in their first eyar compared to wii U so you're wrong. Sorry.

Also, you're right ps4/xbox one are in a different market. Namely, the pc gamer market. Wii U is the only pure console gaming experience this gen and it's probably going to make it a must own system expecially when ps4/xbox one go head to head against the steambox which will perpetually have the best game selection at the best price.

N4g_null1641d ago

Shnazzyone is right... the only thing ps4 and xbone have going for them is must own exclusives, which I dont see any. Plus I.ll dual boot a workstation with steam os before I get around to getting a ps4 and the cable xbone isnt out yet so ill wait for that deal. I mean I might be waiting 2 to 3 years for sony to get a game I want to play made. What is the use buying a console if im just waiting or hoping for games.

console sells 1 million units with no real must own games... or battlefield sold 1 million copies.... fps console confirmed... sony better get on the ball and announce some system sellers. Or did the sony fans buy a console for a future game? If so what game was that?

mario carried the wiiu to 3 million easy. Wii fit u has a potential 20 million user base.mario kart 8 and smash can do 10 million each... all of this is coming next yeat.

Sony hasn't even annouced its must have games yet... just going by reviews the industry feels the same way... so greatness is faltering.

SonyDroneKilla1641d ago

of course theyre asshurt, theyre sony drones. they get asshurt over even the slightest bit of positive nintendo news.

_QQ_1641d ago

no, definitely butthurt.

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Neonridr1641d ago

First off it's an OPINION piece, nobody said it was fact. Relax there buddy.

The Wii U, while selling poorly, just might have the holiday hit on its hands that it needs to start pumping out some consoles.

Lots of people who were on the fence about the Wii U just might be swayed enough by the titles releasing in and around the holidays.

heliumhead20301641d ago

I don't think so. They already aren't really thought of as a direct competitor and Sony sort of outdid their gimmick with remote play. I don't think Mario and Zelda will get it done this gen

Neonridr1641d ago

"Sony sort of outdid their gimmick with remote play"

Glad you have to pay an extra $200 to experience what Wii U owners can have for free.

Crillvirus811641d ago

heliumhead2030 out did them ? Are you even serious How is that lol the vita and ps4 combo will never be as good as wii u first off the vitas missing buttons and clickable analogs etc and second vita doesn't even come bundles with every ps4 lol ..and the cost for both is like buying 2 wii u's

ABizzel11641d ago

GOTY Nominees look like they're coming from various exclusives by Sony and Nintendo, along with the multiplats.

The Last of Us, Tearaway, Super Mario 3D World, GTA 5, Bioshock, and maybe a 3DS game since there were some great titles there.

kB01641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )


Remote play is an extra feature that doesn't make or break the console.

The Wii.U minus the Tablet would be an almost HD wii.

So you can't compare or even state what you said, seeing as the PS4 is a massive improvement in not only GUI but also multitasking and online capability when comparing the PS3.

Wii still has no online infrastructure, everything you buy is locked to console with no chances of getting it back. Which is why I do no buy shit from Nintendo online.

Let's not start bringing out the Gimmick card to this fight, because when it comes down to it, I could take or leave the tablet from the Wii.U, and with the Vita at least it can be played on it's own without requiring a ps4, THATS why it's not free. It's not a controller witha screen, it's a gaming machine with extra features.

Thank you.


I choose no sides I will own all consoles this generation, but I hate it when haters hate so I play devil's advocate.


I agree, all those games are amazing, also for 3Ds I gaurantee you Zelda link between worlds will be a definite winner! I can't stop playing it!

heliumhead20301641d ago

Haha thanks for breaking it down


Sarcasm1641d ago

The Vita is a console by itself, not an apples to apples comparison. Remote play is just an extra perk.

MsmackyM1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

The Wii U does not appeal to the pseudo "mature" gamer. Families especially those with small children are the major demographic market for the WiiU and once the right software gets released, ie Mario 3D world, their sales will greatly improve. With all the media attention on Sony and MS right now the WiiU will be a sleeper hit holiday season. And one of the best things about capitalism is the markets provide something for everyone. So let just enjoy gaming.

P.S. pseudo is not meant as an attack, but only to show the difference between the mature rated gamer crowd and the mature socially gamer. ie spouse and children.

N4g_null1641d ago

K80 and heliumhead both know sonys biggest gimmick was hype and hype along. The specs are not providing a huge jump over even the wiiu which is suppose to be weak, and here we are with the oh so powerful console mimicking a weak nintendo console again, with no said games that support this feature.

So basically sony is treating this core piece of tech like a gimmick.. there is no move and vita control option, real time fast action game play might actually suffer if two screens are render by the ps4... bring it down to wiiu specs and possibly breaking the gamer stream gimmick sony has really put its money behind.

Nothing is worst than a useless gimmick, and sony has tons of them. Slowly sony fans are becoming the new apple fans.... when I look at a ps product all I see is a feature list ill never use. If you are a gamer why would you pay for some thing that does not add to what you can do in a game that makes the game better or more fun?

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Cuzzo631641d ago

Oh God. Not this. Lmao. These N fans are starting to look loke the pc geeks. I kno its slow news for the WiiU. Slow sales also.

LOL_WUT1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Man with the much awaited release of some real next-gen consoles Nintendo fanboys will grasp at anything just to justify and keep their console relevant. ;)

deno1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Good reply. But have you noticed you are in the Nintendo section on N4G? What does that mean? It means you came all the way to a Nintendo article just to bash it. Fan-boy indeed. 👎

Cuzzo631641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

@ deno
Honestly its in all the tabs. It has ps4 and xb1 in the title... hmmmm. Im bashing and called a fanboy... hmmmmm again. Its not like its not true what I said. Another hmmmmmmm. U like pokemon too huh. LMAO!
P.s. Major Fail lol.

TimeoutCorner1641d ago

So whats so amazing on the X1 and PS4 at the moment that make sthis article so crazy???? Heck WiiU's launch games alone beat these X1 and PS4 games out now lol let alone the games out now and that are coming

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triforce791641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

WiiU Nintendo are putting money towards every console...
WiiU Nintendo don't charge for a superior online...
WiiU Graphics are the best so far if 1080p/60fps has anything to do with it....
WiiU Actually has the best game library...
WiiU Has the best most powerful dual screen browser...
WiiU Has amazing apps like google streetU,Art academy,youtube,ect
WiiU Has offtvplay....
WiiU Has the best 1st party games...
WiiU Has the bes... #14.3

it is the best my No1 console...the memory intensive design ie edram on everything,cache,cpu,gpgpu,ect ect as Microsoft said your bandwdth can be tweaked to hit the ghz and so far wiiu has proven the most capable console using less power...

Look at xbox1 ans ps4's browsers compared to the dual screened lightning fast wiiu browser don't make me laugh,the wiiu edram section makes all this happen with 1 core....

kB01641d ago

Wii.U has 1 or 2 games at 1080p most are 720p if even that, and not all run 60 fps...

Also your saying wii.U's online is superior? You have got to be kidding me.

We all know at this point

Xbox One > PS4 > Xbox 360 > PS3~Vita > Wii.U > 3DS > Wii....

Please say what you will about library, i prefer mario games to most other games, but stop spewing bs.

Silly Mammo1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

@triforce- That made me chuckle. Thanks!

Angeljuice1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )


You forgot these points:
WiiU has the most delusional fanboys
WiiU is a turd of a console
WiiU is designed specifically for kids/casual gamers

"We all know at this point
Xbox One >PS4"???? Really? The vast majority disagrees with you. Unless the "We" you refer to are you and your cat.

kB01641d ago

10 people in denial:)

I think the disagrees are because of the Ps4/Xbox one comment more than anything. I'm merely stating that because Xbox had a much longer lifespan online.

I doubt people disagree with the Wii.U comment:)

10 votes without comment means as much as completed course with no credit:)

fonger081641d ago

@Angeljuice did you really just say that Wii U has delusional fanboys? LOL have you seen the top stories on this site today one of which being retarded Sony fanboys getting back at retarded Xbox fanboys with reviews on Amazon for systems they don't even own!? While Wii U fanboys might be delusional, they aren't insane...

MsmackyM1641d ago

The Wii U clearly has the best browser and best game selection at the moment. That being said prepare to be attacked for stating the obvious.

Cuzzo631641d ago

Everything WiiU you have said are all fails. Lmao! Sales tell alot my friend. Your Nintendy circle is gettn smaller... I will try may best to help you with you fails in order...

Aren't all the companies doing that... Fail
Superior online... since when.... Fail
Surely Mario can run 1080/60 on the gameboy.... Fail
What library. The wii games, snes, nes.... Fail
Apps. Twitch, youtube... art academy lol... Fail
Off tv play... Vita... Fail
Best 1stparty... Mario Zelda Pokemon... Fail

A 5 year old pc can run every WiiU game at 1080/60. The WiiU games would run at 4k on ps4 and Xb1 lol.

Edram lol. Xbox360 had that didnt it... Had... lmao get real bro

HavokPants1641d ago

kBo wii u has more 1 or 2 wii u games 1080p and 60 fps even the most unnecisarry game like monster high do you even own a wii u and its ps4 xbone wii u ps3 and xbox 360 then vita and 3ds get da facts right

muttsurini1641d ago

The wii u can handle 1080p, yeah right games that are not graphically impressive in this gen.

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bobacdigital1641d ago

@helium please explain how the 3ds is being carried by Mario and Zelda against the next gen vita. Nintendo has always made a system that people eventually own. They have always targeted families and tried to appease third parties.

In willing to bet that over 60 percent of people who own a ps3 or 360 have a wii collecting dust somewhere.

Nintendo doesn't need to win the gen to stay profitable they just need to be relevant.

triforce791639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Don't forget Microsoft have policies where game devs can't make other versions of games look noticeably better while releasing multiplat games on xbox1 or 360 ??? crazy i know but that is the truth,they also have a policy where you can't release multiplat games on other platforms 1st ie why Rayman legends got delayed on WiiU..Hmmmmmm

And on this site all you get is comparisons of these type games to prove power makes me laugh,Sony pay for exclusive content and for their versions to look a slight better and so on ??

The only and fair way you can compare graphics and gameplay power is by showing games like Bayonetta2 with 1080p/60fps graphics and co-op ect with gorgeous visuals and ive not seen 1 game on ps4 or xbox1 with as much happening on screen at once and graphics at that standard hitting 1080p native 60fps ???? i could say the same for MK8 and X as well....

triforce791638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Cuzzo shut up the 360 had a few mb's wiiu has 38mb with more hidden ??? 16mb gets you 1080p native ?? 360 had 10mb and it wasnt as open as wiiu's edram section Shinen is using 8k textures they are of movie quality does ps4 even support 8k textures....

Ive only seen a pc with a high end gtx gpu running 8k textures and now wiiu uses them so I'm very sorry but the custom chips in wiiu are proving more capable than ps4 and much better than xbox1....

gedden71641d ago

So far if you are just counting on good games... YES!

Eyeco1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

I fail to see the point of this article, while you could argue that the Wii-U has a "better" launch, what relevance is that of now and of what relevance would it be in 6 months for the XB1/PS4 ?

The Wii-U having the "better" launch and Super Mario 3d World doesn't make up for the massive black hole that 2013 has been for the console. We're not going to see that with the PS4/XB1 because besides those consoles still having games to release in 2014 they're going to be heavily supported by the 3rd parties which the former console was not.

And besides while the Wii-U did have "better" games at launch (Zombi-U, SMBU, Nintendoland ) the problem with the Wii-U's launch library at the time, wasn't with generally positive reception of the launch games, but was the fact that nothing on the system looked next gen nothing, this was a supposed next gen console, yet it couldn't run last gen games better than the last gen consoles (COD, Arkham City, Assassins creed)

Typical flaimbait

N4g_null1641d ago

How does the past stop you from getting a good game in the future?

the problem with the wiiu luach library was hype for new systems and their fanboys where louder. Now that these system are out that hype will deflate but hopfully not collapse.

What is unfortunate for these new consoles is the fact that nintendo has quietly built up a gamers console, lots of gc love in the beginning, the thing even supports drawing and posting from the console... wacom tablets are pretty expensive. The fanbase is basically having fun rather than taking turn passing a corp virtual penis around like it was a microphone.

While sony and ms attempt to make their blockbusters nintendo perpares to release a group of crowd favorites along with a few new comers that are sequels to games fetching more money used than new.

Plus the casual games are here and use your old stuff so no need of a new ps eye or kinet2 and most of those games are direct cheap and way more fun this time.

Then their is the fact that even the industry thinks these games on the other system are mediocre games with pretty wrapping. It is very similar to kids getting toys at Christmas and one claims his was better due to the wrapping and box it came in.

kwandar1641d ago

Headline is correct. Launch titles for PS4 (in particular) and Xbox1 ARE disappointing.

The Wii titles ARE very good.

If you were going to buy a console this year, based on the games rather than hardware, you'd buy Wii U.

(As for your inane comment about "flying off the shelves" I'd simply point to first year sales of Xbox360 and PS3.)

C-H-E-F1641d ago

Lmao I refuse to click on this website, just thought I'd look at the comments not getting any hits from me. This guy/girl has to be ill maybe Nintendo paid them. smh

Shnazzyone1641d ago

Oh, Sales matter now? Guess that means wii was the best console of the last gen. Wait no, games matter. What's going on here? Oh yes, this comment is completely off topic from the discussion. Which new gen system has the most games to play this holiday season is the topic, silly.

stragomccloud1641d ago

Just because most "gamers" are too full of themselves and their brand loyalty, to see how great the library is, doesn't mean it's not true. "Gamers" these days have lost perspective.

N4g_null1641d ago

Yes they have. Its no wonder the trolling has gotten so bad. People are not thinking. They are letting the pr do that. Possibly the problem is people new to gaming becoming the pr voice. Which means they are out of touch and possibly don't know what good gaming is.

many devs and order gamers have lost touch also in an effort to keep up with everything.

Like always heads will roll.

gpturbo811641d ago

next gen by definition. get fuckin over it already. stop goin past full retard.

weekev151641d ago

Heres the way I see it. At this moment in time, WiiU is the best value proposition for consumers. More good quality game than the other 2 (my opinion ot fact).

Early adopters basically get screwed because devs aim for that launch day and if your lucky not all of them will hit it so you will be spared from the inevitable gaming drought that follows all devs aiming at the same release day. Then towards the end of year 1 some real quality titles will come out which will likely make Sony and MS look like better deals.

As a consumer my strategy is to play the hell out of my WiiU until the launch drought is over then evaluate which console has the best offering for me.

I predict 2014 will be an epic year for all gamers though and that has to be a good thing no matter wat camp you are in.

SonyDroneKilla1641d ago

the asshurt is strong in this one

Petervincent191641d ago

Have u played. Pikmin 3, windwaker hd, mario 3d world, and wonderful 101? Try it. You might be scared that you'll like it. Im a ps4 guy but I bought a Wii U to supplement my ps4. Im very happy with the current games that are currently being released.

TimeoutCorner1641d ago

Well looking at the games then WiiU's launch line up was better than X1 and PS4 especially PS4. And everyone laughed at ZombieU lol bwahahahhahahahah

frostypants1641d ago

Why would I buy a WiiU? I already have a PS3 and 360, two systems that are just as good.

HardcoreDaBoss1641d ago

Its not about how many its selling.. Its about the games it has compared to the others. And sorry but ps4 and xbox one games suck bad compared to the list of good wii u games.

PSNrandom151641d ago

Ok first I would like to say that Sony consoles and nintendo consoles go hand in hand. I had a ps1 and n64 ps2 and gc, and ps3 and wii. I will get a ps4(Playstation always first) then a wii u.
Now on topic all this nintendofemaledogs saying that the wii u has better games. Well first of all the wii u came out last year. Second of all Sony is still SUPPORTING the ps3. This year we got The last of Us(one of the best games of this generation) ni no kuni, beyond two souls, and will be getting GT6. And we also got that little game known as GTAV. Sony could have pulled a microsoft and ported all those games except GTAV to ps4 and you people wouldnt even be here. Hell this article would have never be written. Oh and yeah you get a new mario what is this one the 20th I was done with mario after galaxy 2(My GOTY).

Xof1641d ago

I don't think anyone is claiming the WiiU's launch line-up was even remotely good. Well, some die-hard fanboys.

The simple fact of the matter is that the PS4 and XB3 don't really have any classic, must-play games. The WiiU has two--Wind Waker HD and Mario 3D Land, along with a handful of other good games like Monster Hunter 3 and Pikmin 3.

Furthermore, in spite of Nintendo's atrocious, seriously terrible support of the virtual console service, you can still use a WiiU to play a some of the very best classic games of all time, not to mention the whole Wii back catalog. Sony shot themselves in the foot by not making the PS4 backwards compatible with ANYTHING.

Comparing the consoles of this new generation, the WiiU is hands-down far superior to the competition, objectively speaking, owing almost entirely to it's overwhelmingly larger library.

Sathur1641d ago

Did you see what came out Yesterday for WiiU ?
Super Mario 3D World and Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag. Then Zelda A Link Between Worlds came out on 3DS.
As far as I can see AC4 Black Flag On WiiU is better than PS3 and Xbox 360 and almost identical to PS4 and Xbox One minus a few weather effects on the deck of the pirate ship.
The future is bright for WiiU

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amnalehu1641d ago

The Wii U is a great machine. Each time I have a chance to play it I really enjoy it. At this point I would get one before I buy an XB1.

frostypants1641d ago

It's a great last gen machine. At best it's half-way to next-gen.

amnalehu1640d ago

Its a last gen machine that has more 1080p games than the XB1.

curtis921641d ago

I like how all of the sudden everyone expects masterpieces on day one of new console launches.

Pintheshadows1641d ago

It is quite funny isn't it. 8 years ago the expectations were controlled. I think this shows how far the gaming media and community has fallen. We just can't resist the hype that is fed to us from every angle. Look at the tiniest teases we lose our heads over these days. Or the rumours we start huge wars over. We used to have level heads. I miss those days.

truechainz1641d ago

"We used to have level heads."

No, you must be new because that was never the case.

Yep1641d ago

The same was expected of the Wii U. It should be no different here.

kB01641d ago

Nintedno invest more into first party games, so you can see why ppl have higher expectations, while for the ps4/Xbox one they have 3rd party support which makes them a little less inclined to invest heavily in first parties at times.

N4g_null1641d ago

Ms has a billion dollars lol... there words not mine... invested into development of games.

R00bot1641d ago

It doesn't matter to the consumer when the games came out, the consumer will compare the games they can get NOW, not the games they could have got at the Wii U launch vs the games they can get on the PS4 and Xbox One now.

It's not fair, but the Wii U did get a head-start.

lilbroRx1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Sony fanboys started it.

Now they are getting a taste of their own medicine, and they don't like the flavor.

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yesmynameissumo1641d ago

Weird. I'm playing my PS4 and Vita more than I've ever played my Wii U.

lilbroRx1641d ago

Well fanboys of a given company do tend to do such things.

T21641d ago

fanboys tend to play games? yeahhh ok good definiton /s

LOL_WUT1641d ago

You seemed bothered by his comment? He touched a nerve there didn't he ;)

TimeoutCorner1641d ago

Im playing my WiiU and 3DS more than PS4 and Vita thats for sure, we all can make these claims now cant we... cant we lol bwhahahahah but no really I am, liking that ZombieU better than Killzone thats for sure lol hhahah and NSMBU better than that awesome game Knack. And for the 3DS im playing that Zelda, Fire Emblem, etc for Vita well we will just say miss placed it lol hhahahah