Vita/PS4 'Ultimate' bundle in-bound this year

Sony will launch a PlayStation 4 & Vita Ultimate bundle before Christmas in Europe.

According to respected industry magazine MCV, it will be backed by a £2.5 million 'The Best Way to Play' advertising campaign for the Vita that will highlight the ability to stream PS4 games to the handheld system.

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XisThatKid1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

The Greatness Bundle finally arrives!
Who didn't see this one comin? I wonder if Xbox will respond eventually with a windows tablet discount voucher or bundle with one.
Bout time Vita gets the adverts it deserves and doubled with the commercial success of PS4 should be a real rush for Vita right now. Thank you Sony for hearing our cries from this earthly realm smight thee with greatness.

I was jokin but really not a bad idea for X1.

GdaTyler1695d ago

What Vita really needed is people to really see it. It needs more exposure and this could really get more Vita's out in the wild. There so many people missing out on Vita, it's not funny. I haven't played a more perfect handheld in my life! I <3 Vita.