Scores Prove PS4 Launch Line-up Stronger Than Xbox One

NowGamer: "Does the Xbox One or the PS4 have the best launch line-up? That’s a difficult question to answer, particularly as what qualifies as the 'best' is so dependent on personal taste.

We’ve previously suggested that the Xbox One launch line-up is more varied than that of the PS4, though whether that makes it 'better' is another matter.

So, what’s the solution? Numbers of course! Cold, objective numbers."

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allformats1769d ago

I wouldn't go as far as to say PS4 had a stronger launch lineup. Both are alright.

Remember, reviews are just people's opinions.

GarrusVakarian1769d ago

Exactly. I personally think the 3rd party line up is more appealing.....

And at the end of the day, it's all opinion. Scores are just that, opinions.

minimur121769d ago

Funny,I'm getting a PS4 but I really wanna play Dead Rising lol, I did wanna play Ryse but I'm glad it's turned out crap because now I don't wanna play it :)

Aery1769d ago

I dislike the Xbone and the only game I like from its launch lineup is Dead Rising 3, but to be honest I already have learned the review are full of inaccuracy, biased and unprofessional.
To be honest most of the reviewer are also bad gamers.

Anyway, I have a PS4 and I love all the games (KSF, Knack, Resogun, Lego, AC4, etc). Yes, Knack is pretty nice and KSF is awesome, but I believe that using the meta-score to compare what is the best launch line-up is pretty lame.

Oh, wait, it's NowGamer ... :/

GutZ311769d ago

How did this get approved? I have a PS4, but I won't be touting anything until we see some real 9/10 and 10/10 games out there.

Thehyph1769d ago

Scores do not prove *bleep*

Play the games for yourself. I bought Knack after all the reviews were posted, and it's my favourite ps4 game so far. Everyone needs to give up this B.S. notion of general consensus in favour of personal experience. Instead of reading/watching/listening to a review, take that time to watch gameplay videos on YouTube and see if the game is for you. If there's a demo, then that's even better.

This article does not have my respect. Not even a little.

To all you new Xbox owners out there: play a little extra DR3 for me. I'm still jelly that it's exclusive.

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Jughead34161769d ago

Yea because I'm most of the way through Killzone's story mode and I would easily give this game a 9. It's awesome. Some sites gave it a 6 or 7 out of 10.

LordMaim1769d ago

Some gave it even less than that. Journalism is not without personal bias, and with "smaller" bloggers being treated with the same attention as major news outlets, it becomes difficult at times to tell the reasoned impartial information from the poisonous personal grudge. Unfortunately, there is no scientific metric to determine quality in games beyond complexity of graphics.

slimeybrainboy1769d ago

If you factor in the F2P and indies, then the PS4 does. We all know disregarding quality Ryse DR3 and Forza is more AAA games then KZ:SF and Knack.

To me the argument is irrelevant anyway. I'm not getting a next gen console for KZ, Ryse or DR3, none of these are ground breaking games. You should get XB1 for Quantum Break, Titanfall, and Halo, or PS4 for The Order, Uncharted, and inFamous etc.

I will reiterate, buying a console for the launch titles is dumb, unless there is a major release.

nypifisel1769d ago

I agree, neither line up is that stellar. There are no Mario 64 on there that's for sure!

Visiblemarc1769d ago

I think this article is actually a response to the bs MS talking point that the PS4 has no games. Worse, people are dumb enough to repeat this statement. Reminds me of how people say Vita has no BS. I play it a lot and have had a backlog since I bought it.

So, I'm not sure the author wants to prove the point that the ps4 launch is better, so much as shut up those people that ran their mouths about Knack and Killzone's metascores.

FITgamer1769d ago

Funny thing is if you look at metacric user reviews every Xbox one game is lower than 5, while every PS4 game is rated 7 or higher.

frostypants1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Exactly. I'd call both launch lineups underwhelming...but anyone who has been around a while knows that this is virtually inevitable with new hardware. The only alternative is delaying launch while developers work on more software.

When the PS3 launched, I spent most of my time playing small downloadable games.

Denethor_II1768d ago

Yeah literally one persons experience.

3-4-51768d ago

Proof requires Fact.

Reviews = opinions = theory = Not Fact

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Intentions1769d ago

I didn't know reviews shows what console has a better lineup of games :S.

torchic1769d ago

who said anything was better?

they use the word "stronger" in the headline AND they clearly say that what is "better" is totally up to you.

your eyes saw what they wanted to see.

DragonKnight1768d ago

Semantics torchic. It's not hard to equate "stronger" with "better" seeing as how the scores for the PS4 games are higher on average than for the Xbox One games. That would seem to indicate that the games are better. Stronger is just another word for it.

torchic1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )


the point I'm trying to make is that the author of the article says that whichever of the two line-ups is "best" is a matter of opinion.

I do take your suggestion on board though, stronger almost equals better however the author seems to see it differently and that's the point I'm making.

TimmyShire1769d ago

It's funny really, everyone said how the PS4 had a lacklustre lineup last week - but now it seems that while the Xbone has more variety it isn't all that great.

I'll still get one later on down the line, maybe for Titanfall, but glad I went for PS4.

NegativeCreep4271769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

If this past week has showed us anything, it is that there is one thing you have to admire about Xbot fanboys and that is that they savor every little moment that they can get...and then the walls of reality come crashing down.

LeCreuset1769d ago

Exactly. I don't make my decisions off of review scores. At most you should concentrate on what the review is actually saying as opposed to the end score. Even then so many things, such as bias, come into play that it's really best to just read up on the game from sources other than reviews and perhaps check out some fan reactions. The new share feature is awesome for being able to see how you'll like a game.

There were a lot of Xbox die hards trying to take shots at the PS4 review scores. Oh, well. You live by the review score, you die by the review score. Now that they can't talk launch exclusives, what are they going to talk about? Specs? Multiplats?

TomahawkX1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

I am a Sony guy and have a PS4 but I admit the X1 launch games look great and are more diverse than Sony's offerings. They have all my favorite genres covered (fighting, 3rd .person action, racing). The PS4's biggest exclusive killzone:sf is great but there are already more popular shooters to choose from so it doesn't quite stand out. I love Knack though.

Thegamer411769d ago

I agree to a certain extent, but why do people discount all the indie games. If you want to talk game diversity, then you must consider ALL games.

LeCreuset1769d ago

People talk of wanting diversity until they actually get it.

Jdoki1769d ago

I haven't got a PS4 yet (roll on the 29th), but on PC I have been playing far more Indie games over the last 24 months than big AAA stuff.

There's so much more variety, innovation and risk taking going on in the Indie scene - and usually the games are cheap!

To discount Indie games is foolish. It's not all about the flashy graphics!

Gabenbrah1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

I wouldn't say so. Dead Rising 3, Forza 5 and KI all scored higher than KZSF and even Ryse scored higher than Knack. I'll say PS4 has a far better digital/PSN lineup with the Indie titles and F2P games, but if you own a PC, those titles are irrelevant, as with the third party games. Really depends on what you enjoy though, I personally prefer the XB1 lineup at launch but if you were a console only gamer, I'd say the PS4 is a better launch lineup.

Hicken1769d ago

The stronger lineup means exactly that: it's stronger. It's not a contingent. The games on PS4 are scoring and playing better, overall.

Sure, you can break it down and separate it, but that's just to suit your argument.

from the beach1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Well said, Gabenbrah.

Taking an average of the scores is essentially meaningless when the respective Xbox One games repeatedly outscored their PS4 counterparts. A few were within a negligible one 'metapoint' of eachother so we'll make those a 'draw'. :)