EA responds to FIFA 14 Xbox One crash issues

EA Sports has warned Xbox One players not to connect two controllers to the console while booting up FIFA 14 in order to prevent the game from crashing.

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sigfredod1765d ago

lol, what a good quality control you have EA

Mikelarry1765d ago

i am actually shocked they didnt jump the gun to say its MS fault as they did with sony a couple of weeks ago

pompombrum1765d ago

Or flat out deny it exists.

MWong1765d ago

I agree, I figured they would've said it's M$'s fault. However, I have to wonder did EA rush out all their games except for NFS?

N4g_null1764d ago

EA and ms are made for each other.... they equally suck but some how make money.... or maybe they both like bad publicity. ?

Baka-akaB1765d ago

Seriously EA ? you couldnt foresee that in a game still primarily played offline with other friends ?

TopDudeMan1765d ago

The game that's bundled for free with the console doesn't work haha. Good job, EA. Way to sell your product.

ruefrak1765d ago

You can't have two controllers plugged in while starting the game? Since the XB1 controllers aren't rechargeable, why would you keep them plugged in? I guess if you don't have any batteries lying around and this is the only way to keep them powered up.
What a strange and stupid bug.

KingDadXVI1765d ago

Agreed it is a stupid bug but it will be fixed soon and yes from what they said you can have two controllers on but you cannot have two people trying to navigate while the game is booting.

jukins1765d ago

seems EA rushed out every holiday game this year every single one, except nfs rivals for me at least, has some kind of "game breaking" issue.

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The story is too old to be commented.