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It’s been nearly eight years since Sony launched its last big console, the PS3. Since then we’ve seen the rise and fall of multiple trends such as motion controls, streaming, bro games, free-to-play and tablet gaming. To keep up with the time Sony has finally decided to deliver the PS4; a system capable of bringing all these hip new trends (at least the good ones) under than one box. Is it worth the wait? Or are we just looking at a fancy new upgrade? Well, it’s a little bit of both.

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Mosiac771767d ago

Both XB1 and PS4 are not going to be at its full power for another 2 years after many updates and developers figure out how to develope for the systems. I think these reviews are premature.

Grave1767d ago

Agree. You took the words right out of my fingers. Next-Gen for me doesn't start until E3 2014. Then we will get a real glimpse of what lies ahead for all gamers.

asmith23061767d ago

Pointless in fact. If you look at the PS3 when it started compared to what it is now. It is almost a completely different console. PS3 on release I would give it 4/10. On release it just lacked SO much, the only redeeming feature being the blu-ray player. Now I would give it 9/10.


a 7 is too low not feeling this review!!!

Vitalogy1767d ago

Phishing clicks I must say.

svoulis1767d ago

I really hate these god damn reviews. They are pointless and signify nothing really.

Rate consoles based on pros and cons not on a number

I'll rate it for myself

So glad I got a PS4 Having so much fun with it.

Gardenia1767d ago

You can't review a hardware product for it's software. In a year or so there will be a lot more options for the PS4 than there will be at this moment. Same thing happened with the PS3

voodoogts1767d ago

Should of been a 5 out of 10.

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