Amazon Refunding $50 To Some Delayed Xbox One Consoles Due To High Demand

Techtorial: Amazon emailed some users about a $50 refund for replacing their "Day one" edition consoles into "standard" ones due to high demand. These consoles are also expected to get 1-3 days of delay from their original shipping date.

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black0o1460d ago

i think it's due the shortage

forcefullpower1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

That means they didn't actually have any more day one consoles to give out yet continued with the pre orders. They don't magically get the stock allocation wrong that Microsoft give them for the day one.

I assume microsoft said they could supply a certain amount of day ones but actually could not meet the demand.

SolidGear31460d ago

No shortage, it's just the specific "Day One" edition they ran out of.

Phene1459d ago

This is bs ...cause amazon didn't give me ish for not sending me my launch edition ps4 on time ..all I got was "sorry we dropped the ball"