Undead Labs think their PC Beta Testers are ‘Brilliant’

Clickonline writes "The Windows version of State of Decay was released on September 20th 2013. Steam’s early access program accommodated this and the official release followed on November 5th. During that crucial 6 week period, Beta Testers were instrumental in working out the kinks. But according to Undead Labs, that’s just par for the course with these PC gurus…"

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Grave1766d ago

PC gamers. Getting sh*t done since forever.

Pintheshadows1766d ago

Efficiently as well, and usually faster than the developers themselves.

OhhWerd1766d ago

when you have tons of people working on it vs. just the core dev team, your going to get great results.

I really think most game companies need to open all games to a beta so when it is finally released its not months of fixes for glitches etc.. that could of been caught prior to release.

Pintheshadows1766d ago

True, but the Dark Souls KB and M fix was made by one guy in like a few days.

kB01766d ago

PC gamers are like Patriots, they love their way of life be it wrong or right, but when it's wrong they make it right;)

God bless PC gaming.