9 things to do when you get your Xbox One

VideoGamer: A beginner's guide to Xbox One."

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Lulz_Boat1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

there only one thing to do.

Return to the shop, buy a PS4, and with the extra 100$ buy a disc game and 1 or 2 DD games.

It's a win-win.

Yeah, i know, i'm pretty bastard.

VENOMACR12271551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Then bring it home and have it bricked.

It's a lose-lose.


I would not throw the brick around too much with the issues the xb1 is having at the moment.

VENOMACR12271551d ago

Lol I'm just messing around. @Lulz made a joke, I made a joke, no biggie. Im sure X1 will have it's problems just like any new system released. Hopefully I don't have any, will wait and see.

kiz26941551d ago

Odds are in his favour of not bricking. 0.4% is extremely good for a tech launch.

PERK7NS1551d ago

But if I returned my xbox1 I'd have to wait a week to get my ps4!

Chill man enjoy your console of choice, don't force your choice on others

JohnnyTower1551d ago

@lulz, I think you have the word Bastard confused with the word Retarded.

Remy_S1551d ago

Its pretty retarded to pay $100 more for a weaker console.

Mosiac771551d ago

My Xb1 and PS4 are getting along very well. They know daddy loves them both equally.

PERK7NS1551d ago

The best off both worlds!

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josephayal1551d ago

I could care less about all the Media features everyone is so up in arms about, its the GAMES

NAG1551d ago

Tell me about it... Can't flippen wait for Titanfall!!!

gamertk4211551d ago

I'm off for 10 days for this launch, and March will give me enough time to accrue more vacay hours to take Tuesday thru Sunday off for Titanfall's release!

reddfoxx1551d ago

1. Sober up
2. Call your friend and find out that (he or she) bought a PS4....
3. Call the local pawn shop to see what you will get for the piece of garbage you bought is worth.
4. Pawn shop will not carry such a piece of crap so you try to put an add on Kijiji to sell the unit.
5. While waiting to sell the Box, you attempt to update the unit and then while updating, the box over heats and crashes.
6. Call Microshaft support and find out that they have no more stock and you need to send you XBone back to them for 6 weeks till it gets fixed.
7. Sent the XBone back to Microshaft after you waited 4 days for them to send a coffin for you newly acquired XBone.
8. Call a friend that bought a PS4 and go play at his house.
9. You get your XBone back and to find out that the Hard Drive is missing due to their great customer service you will need to call them back and acquire a new coffin to send the XBone back again.
10. Go and buy a PS4.

JohnnyTower1551d ago

Why aren't you playing your almighty ps4 instead of trolling Xbox articles?

Mikefizzled1551d ago

Maybe he only bought Knack at launch ?

VENOMACR12271551d ago

Bubbles for @Johnny and @Mike

Well said and funny

reddfoxx1551d ago

I was actually taking a break from playing my PS4, well back to playing....


infectedaztec1551d ago

Bored of the PS4?

You can bet when I pick up my XB1 you won't be seeing me on this site for a long time....if ever again.....or maybe in a snapped IE on the XB1

curtis921551d ago

You see, some people don't live in their parents basement and have things like JOBS they go to. And sometimes at those jobs they have these computer devices which have 'internet' for us to visit sites. Unfortunately some of us can't be gaming 24/7.

And... yeah.... you have fun there, uh, snapping stuff.

paranoid19711551d ago

Or on the phone to Microsoft Support /jk

infectedaztec1551d ago

I'm at my job now, also I don't live with my parents.

You sound pretty butthurt mate....

GrimWykydtron1551d ago

9 things to do with GAME console, non of them is playing GAMES... u made gaming panda sad M$

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