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Slow install times on the Xbox One have launch buyers upset

Welcome to the next-generation. The Xbox One requires that you install games to your HDD, but apparently it’s an arduous process for most launch buyers of the new console. Social media has been lighting up with reports of slow installs for a number of different games, leaving users with nothing to do on their new toy but watch TV.

These disc-based games seem to be the biggest problems for Xbox One users, with many claiming the installation process won’t even move from 0%. Hopefully, if its a problem on Microsoft’s end, they’ll get it fixed soon so those who jumped in first will actually be able to play games on the new console. (Xbox One)

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Septic  +   733d ago
The website doesn't provide any sources for it's claims, it just says social media has been flagging up these concerns.

It wouldn't however, surprise me as traditional Xbox 360 owners arent usually used to mandatory installation. I know I despise them.
phoenix_dusk  +   733d ago | Well said
Except a lot of gamers in Neogaf are having problems too.
NewMonday  +   733d ago
now that the 2 systems are out word of moth about the user experience will start to spread, by the end of the year strong impressions good or bad will be established and hard to shake off.
Bathyj  +   733d ago | Funny
I've never even heard a moth speak.
NewMonday  +   733d ago
err.. it's a figure of speech where I come from :p
Thehyph  +   733d ago | Helpful
From what I gather by reading gaf:

The reason it doesn't move from 0% for a while is because it downloads game updates before installation. After that it sounds like the games are playable at 3-5%.

You can probably get into your games quicker if you turn off your internet, let the game install, and then reconnect it so the patch downloads after the fact.

I'm not an Xbox owner, so I have no idea what I'm talking about. Hopefully it helps!
ThunderSpark  +   733d ago
His point was that you spelled Mouth wrong (moth).

Anyway, I'd like to hear from N4G Xbox One owners, about their experience with this issue.
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slimeybrainboy  +   733d ago
Lol, take a day off babyj

+1 Funny
Bathyj  +   733d ago
Today is my day off.

And I'm gonna assume that's a typo not an insult. ;)
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Ron_Danger  +   733d ago

Or he's flirting...
Bathyj  +   733d ago
Eww , that just took a creepy turn. I hadn't even considered that.
vulcanproject  +   733d ago

Its like I walked into 2006 and the PS3 launch again.

I had massive Deja Vu here. The mirroring of these consoles early fortunes is spooky
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BX81  +   733d ago
I haven't had a problem yet( knock on wood). I thought the load times were gonna be faster but I was able to play ryse around 20%, same with bf4 single player. I couldn't play the mp till it fully downloaded. I don't have a ps4 yet so I will compare it to ps3 load times. To me it's faster but not greatly. I just play Killer instinct while the disc is downloading so minor wait time solved. I also haven't had a disc ejecting problem. I was worried especially after last gen but I'm just gaming.
BX81  +   733d ago
@bathyj... Really? Ask Godzilla, moths talk man!
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   733d ago


But in case science is not your thing...
UltimateMaster  +   733d ago
The PS4 has a x6 Blu-Ray player and the Xbox One hasba cheap x1 or x2.
Yeah, that makes a huge difference.
The download of a PS4 game is 3 times faster if not more than the Xbox One is.
Why didn't people read the specs beforehand?
Do people just buy a console because of a brand?
How dumb is that.
Finch  +   733d ago
Mine is working fine no issues. The down load game toke a while, but really not to long since I was able to play as it went. Think it toke maybe 45 minutes for a full DL and 15 minutes before it let me play. My disc game BF4 installed really fast and it pretty much let me play right away.
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vigilante_man  +   733d ago
If disk drives are the same speed it must be the read times of the BluRay. I thought both new consoles were 6x speed. It is news to me that XB1 uses 1x-2x BluRay speed.

But regardless a massive congratulations to all new owners of XBox One. Here's hoping you have many, many great and awesome hours of next gen gaming in the years to come.

I gotta wait until next week for my PS4 in the UK. It's great to see both consoles have launched pretty much unscathed. This may be the first and last time I say this but Well Done Microsoft!

Its a great day for XBox lovers.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   733d ago
Yeah, because NeoGAF is a reliable and unbiased source of information.

Oh wait, no its not.
snipermk0  +   733d ago
here a video with evidence that the xbox one is MUCH slower when it comes to installing games. Compared with a PS4

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Docknoss  +   732d ago
I haven't had any problems
infectedaztec  +   733d ago
I've found that an installed game runs better than on the disc. Yes it means you have to wait but in the long run its worth it.

Plus I think you'll be able to predownload games before they're released and unlock them at the midnight of release. This would be fantastic!

Anyway, this isn't a bad news story - just says that people are desperate to play their xbox one
DARK WITNESS  +   733d ago
hummmm.... trying to install a game and it's not moving past 0% is bad in my book.
mixelon  +   733d ago
Its pretty bad if they have to wait hours to play a game they've bought on disc!

Im glad a solution was found in the comments though. (Unplug the internet and start installation again)
LAWSON72  +   733d ago
It does not sound better these games are quite large what would I do when I run out of HDD space on a Xbone? Replace the HDD? Nope
Delete games seems like the only solution and I personally think that is worse than load times.
And just thinking about a HDD failure sounds bad that means sending the console to MS just for them to tell you to wait for replacement when you could have fixed the problem yourself.
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5eriously  +   733d ago
I can remember a time when mandatory installs was a NO-NO! when the PS3 was launched and was used to bash the platform. Another 180?
Agent1  +   733d ago
I was able to play RYSE after 3% installation. I didn't have to wait as things claim around here. I think it has to do with how well your connection speed is.
Benchm4rk  +   733d ago

I too was able to start the game at 3% but once I did I was prompted to download a 1024MB update before I could continue. The installation process was halted until the update finished. After the update it was around 20-25% before I could get into the campaign. Had a similar issue with COD Ghosts. So as stated in comments above the reason their installation wont move beyond 0% is because its downloading the update first
n4rc  +   733d ago
It does take a bit.. But nothing worth worrying about IMO

Games were ready to play within minutes.. This thing is slick but takes some getting used to
xtremeimport  +   733d ago
until its on the level of the RRoD, these claims are just bound to happen with the launch of new tech.

Happened to Sony, will happen to Microsoft.

You hear more of the bad stories than the good because the consoles that are working, the owners are busy playing!
H0RSE  +   733d ago
I've been playing PC games for years. Installing games is not a problem. I actually prefer it.
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Amigaengine  +   733d ago
Consider me a source. I can tell you first hand it sucks lol
T2  +   733d ago
apparently it doesn't suck, according to your stealth disagree... LOL
Either that or you are NOT a source /s
Visiblemarc  +   733d ago
Been seeing some reports of super long installs...like 1hr
+ but could be related to day one patches of the games as well. Some people might be lumping them in with installation time and apparently the dl speeds are super rough for some.
bigwhtboy  +   733d ago
Well I'm at 51% on my Cod ghost install and I still can't play but.I doubt you can play cod while it downloads cause I'm guessing it wouldn't work for multiplayer lol.Wow as I wrote this I got to 54% and it was ready to play.Maybe certain games have to be so much completed before you can start.

Well that's my report on things GL.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   733d ago
I saw ryse install on twitch took aaaages.
Chrisgamerguy  +   733d ago
Yeah dude no games on 360 made u install them. The same exact versions on ps3 had mandatory installs. It was kind of rediculous how slow the installs were. Ps4 is mad quick with that GDdr
DiRtY  +   733d ago
I just played with my Xbox One for a couple of hours and I thought I had the same problem. :-)

Actually all the games come up with a FREAKING huge Day One Patch (CoD Ghosts, Ryse, Dead Rising 3 for me) and these patches are like 1.3 GB or something.

So if you insert your disc, it starts to install the game and it seems to stand at 0% and you might think it did not even start. What it really does is downloading the huge patch, so the first 0-5% of the install is actually a download and it might take a while, depending on your internet connection. From this point on the install is much faster and you can start the game way before the install is even finished. While you play, the install will happen in the background and you won't even notice.

So no panic needed.
caperjim  +   733d ago
Its true xbox 360 owners aren't accustomed to mandatory game installs. Seems like a step backwards for next generation.

The good thing is I was allowed to play at 5 percent which didn't take long.
memots  +   733d ago
this is getting ridiculous the slightness issue is getting blown out of proportion on both side of the fence.

all over again with the "entitled generation"
assdan  +   732d ago
A problem I wouldn't be surprised they if they fixed with an update. I don't known why it would be so slow. My ps4 installs lightning fast and has the same drive.
Mosiac77  +   732d ago
Yes it is a slow install compare to the PS4. But this is why. I have both the ps4 and xb1 and the difference is that the ps4 install the data and not the full game and xb1 install the whole game. I wish ms and sony gives you and option
TomahawkX  +   733d ago
I thought Xbox One had play as you install feature like the PS4. Oh well, seems like something they can patch later on.
Deltaguy  +   733d ago
its super slow.....i waited a hours and a half to start playing cod
Bathyj  +   733d ago
Concertoine  +   733d ago
yup lets believe this guy since he's bad talking the xbone, while all the "my ps4 broke" trolls are ignored.
thehitman  +   733d ago
Ouch I started playing KZ right away... that seems odd since MS has the faster system memory why would that part of the system be so behind?
KingDadXVI  +   733d ago
That would be a connection issue with the server that you are getting the COD patch from. It needs to download and install. I imagine with COD being the most popular game on PS4 and Xbox One that the COD servers are being swamped.
kneon  +   733d ago
I agree with KingDadXVI, it can't be the console, it has to be a server side issue if it's taking hours. Or you have really crappy internet.
Kingdom Come  +   733d ago
Funny, I was playing "Dead Rising 3" within about 10 minutes.
kickerz  +   733d ago
Haha look at all you guys spreading BS. I got an xb1 under me TV right now and it's had none of those issues.
Gamer666  +   733d ago
I only wait 15 mins before CoD was playable.
vinniects  +   733d ago
I installed five games last night when I hooked it up. forza and battlefield were real quick. madden dead rising took a little longer. But for some reason cod ghosts took about 45min wish I knew why but it was the first one I tried to play
GutZ31  +   733d ago
It does have play as you download, but it needs a pretty big chunk of the game to start playing. From my friends play thru's with it, you can start to install around the 4-11% mark, depending on the game size.
Problem is that at that point, trying to play the game will just leave you with a loading game screen saying "Downloading Game Data, Please Wait", so when you finally get to play, if you go to far to quickly, you can be seeing the "Downloading Game Data" screen much sooner than you would like.
Ashunderfire86  +   733d ago
On my PS4 when I play a game like NBA 2K14, it only took as less than 5 minutes to play the game while it downloads! My friend and I were treated to the season finale teams, Heats and Spurs until the download was finished.

The Same thing for games like Killzone Shadowfall and Battlefield 4. I could already play them after less than 5 minute downloads! Warframe took 5 to 10 minutes than bam! started playing.

Xbox One is a next year system for me when the problems are iron out. I don't want to wait an hour for a game? Man that's worst than the PS3 Installs. I guess you get what you pay for.
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True_Samurai  +   733d ago
It does 50% and you should be ready to go
@deltaguy idk what games you are installing but my friend said it only took 16 min to install COD and he was already on the SP after 7 min
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TomahawkX  +   733d ago
Nice, I think devs need more time to perfect this new feature. Growing pains and so forth.
Unreal01  +   733d ago
So how come the PS4 version of this feature runs a hell of a lot better than the Xbox One version? Dev's didn't need more time there then.
Deltaguy  +   733d ago
it was stuck at 0% for 20 mins i thought it was broken lol
n4rc  +   733d ago
Hours? Cmon...

Ryse and bf4 were ready to play within 20 minutes each.. Unless cod managed to screw that up too loo
MizTv  +   733d ago
Still waiting 20 mins sucks
Trekster_Gamer  +   733d ago
Bunch of trolls..
Started playing cod within 15., and yes while it was installing!

Same with Ryse!

Xbox One update took 5 ... Fast patch update and reboot!

Loving it!

Killer Instinct fast download and install!
Same with Kinect Sports Rivals preseason...

Perfect setup and not a single hickup!
bangoskank  +   733d ago
Xbox updates have always been very quick. Can't say the same about the PS3. I doubt this is the case with Xbone. This article reeks of BS. Not surprised to see it on N4G though.
Drewminati  +   733d ago
You can play while it installs after a certain %
phoenix_dusk   733d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
B1uBurneR  +   733d ago
That's it thats the complain I wake to. I was expecting a failure rate party. Maybe I showed up early.
AlphaBlackWolf96  +   733d ago
So far, only a couple of failed disk drives. If you're looking for a failure rate, I would blame the oversized heat sink for there not being one (yet).
GusBricker  +   733d ago
Yeah, it takes some time. Especially Ryse.

Assassin's Creed took like 5-10 minutes or so.

Dead Rising 3, like 10-15.

Ryse? Like 20-25 and when you launched the game, it took a little longer before starting a new game.

And yes, Xbox One lets you play as it installs in the background, but it has to install about half way before it allows you launch and play.
#5 (Edited 733d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
MasterCornholio  +   733d ago
You answered my question.

I guess I have to tell my friend that there's something wrong with his console because it only takes 10 minutes to install AC4 instead of 30 minutes which is his case.

Nexus 7 2013
Sevir  +   733d ago
wow! That's a pretty long time in comparison to the 360 and even the ps3, granted you play after 30-50% is installed, that isnt as instant as I thought it would for xbo games! The installs on PS4 are way less, on average its about 30 seconds to 1 minute to fully install from disc and you're playing almost immediately!
rawd  +   733d ago
Somebody actually bought Ryse?

speedforce131   733d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
AlphaBlackWolf96  +   733d ago
It seems the Xbox One is starting to become all bark, and no bite. From what they originally said it could do, and what it can greatly differ.
MizTv  +   733d ago
That's what m$ does best
Bathyj  +   733d ago
This is where a solid state drive would come in handy.
Niv  +   733d ago
Not at launch
Not at launch
Not at launch
Not at launch
Not at launch
Not at launch
Not at launch
That's all I hear
DarthJay  +   733d ago
It actually wasn't that bad for me. About 10 minutes before I could start playing. This launch is already going so much better for me than Playstation 4. I've already played more multiplayer in Battlefield 4 in an hour than I was able to on Playstation 4 in a week. So happy with the Xbox One. I love it so far.
Ashunderfire86  +   733d ago
That's worst than the PS3 install man(Well other than GTA 5)! Metal Gear Solid 4 took only 8 minutes!! Other games for the PS3 install faster than that. Well you get what you pay for.
#10.1 (Edited 733d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
SkippyPaccino  +   733d ago
Let me get this straight... You've bought a ps4 and battlefield 4,then a week later a xbone and battlefield 4 again? Why? Or are you bending the truth and passing it off as facts like Microsoft always does? Lol! Wow... Maybe the short bus should drop you off and pick you up from school... Your mom can't be trusted...
JBallerX  +   733d ago
I'm with DarthJay at the moment. I was debating renting BF4 for the X1 because my PS4 copy is pretty much unplayable. I don't care for deathmatch, and that's the only mode that is working well. I wanted to rent an X1 copy to see if I could play conquest.
Sevir  +   733d ago
LIES! the PS4 version isnt unplayable! people have been playing online since lanch with small network issues, He took 10 mins to play BF4 on XBO and says its going better, i was in BF4 lobbies with my friends on PS4 within 3 minutes after installing...

i'm not buying this lie!
MizTv  +   733d ago
I agree
What the hell you get 2 new systems with the same game?
DarthJay  +   733d ago
@SkippyPaccino, Sevir and MizTV: Yup. I'm totally making this up. You got me. Shucks


More lies:




Oh hey, three days later, still lying to everyone:


You got me man. I totally made this all up. I'd let you know how awesome it is to be able to drop $1500+ cash on video games over the course of seven days, but you'd probably just think I was lying.
Ri0tSquad  +   733d ago
Battlefield 4's online/campaign issues have nothing to do with PS4 or PSN. The game itself isn't stable on any platform.

Deathdeliverer  +   733d ago
Wow. He debunked DarthJay with two links. Impressive. I was like why would someone but the same game 2 times within a week of each other? Especially a game where you would have to unlock everything TWICE like battlefield. Why people have to lie is beyond me. EA will work out the issues for battlefield on ALL versions since they are having the same problems. Don't tell lies just to drag something through the mud just to make you feel better. I wish Conquest worked more often on period. Played it 3 times on ps4. Other modes work great for me.
DarthJay  +   733d ago
I have had ZERO issues on Xbox One. Would you like me to tell you I have? At this point a week ago, I was knee deep in issues on PS4. Sorry. That's just the way it went down.

Oh and Deathdeliverer... yeah you may want to see my other post. I very clearly bought it twice:


I got it on 360, PS3 and PC for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3, too. How bout them apples?
brich233  +   733d ago
For me, everygame is a mandatory installation on my xbox 360. I dont like wear and tear, i've seen what happened to xbox 360 drives.
ELCUCO  +   733d ago
http://forums.xbox.com/xbox... doesn't seem like the only thing people are complaining about
Themba76  +   733d ago
im surprissed n4g won't publish any of those problems from the looks of that forum it seems they have more issues than ps4.
Ashunderfire86  +   733d ago
PS4 had some failure rate issues, and now Xbox One? I got to tell you the truth guys, The Wii U is the only console next gen with none of these problems. I guess Nintendo never used Foxconn in China to manufactured the Wii U. I am one of the lucky ones with a working PS4. It sucks for Xbox One owners though with the Kinect not working. This is why I will get the Xbox One next year when Halo comes out.
KrisButtar  +   733d ago
" I guess Nintendo never used Foxconn in China to manufactured the Wii U" Correction, Foxconn manufactures WiiU as well.

Link where Nintendo is investigating child labor abuse at Foxconn in China where their WiiU is made

October 18th 2012

Nintendo had launch problems, Sony have launch problems and Microsoft will have launch problems

Edit: Another link which says the Foxconn's Yantai factory and specifically mentions the WiiU.

#12.2.1 (Edited 733d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report
Ashunderfire86  +   733d ago

Ok your right about the Nintendo using Foxconn thing, but where is the Wii U failure rate during its launch. You didn't have a link for that.
saint_seya  +   733d ago
U wont see it, the 10 guys who actaully bought one at launch got a working machine
MasterCornholio  +   733d ago
I read some of the complaints and it appears that many of them are about issues with the update. I remember CBOAT mentioning that this would happen.

Nexus 7 2013
ManBehindTheWires  +   733d ago
I already install a lot of my games anyway. The ones I play a lot, atleast. Means the XBox runs colder. Still rocking an original Elite 360, and I put it down to installing games.
Gabenbrah  +   733d ago
Interesting, my friend bought an Xbox One and has had no issues.
n4rc  +   733d ago
Myself and friends have no issues either..
Deathdeliverer  +   733d ago
Me either.
eddieistheillest  +   733d ago
B.s..... I also thought it was gonna take forever when I was watching the progress but was able to play at about 3% with Ryse.
BLAKHOODe  +   733d ago
I just finished downloading Dead Rising 3 - took it 7 hours - and the mandatory update downloaded in about 5 minutes.
MasterCornholio  +   733d ago
A friend of mine who bought an Xbox One told me that it took him 30 minutes to install AC4.

Is this normal?

Nexus 7 2013
KingDadXVI  +   733d ago
Now we have confirmed that you are a troll and probably a mod on N4G. How in the hell did you go from having no bubbles left to comment to having all of your bubbles free again?

Everyone ignore this guy.
LoveOfTheGame  +   733d ago
You see KindgDad, people on N4G sometimes think time is a linear period going from top to bottom.

In reality it's like a ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff.
WeAreLegion  +   733d ago
Cuz we like that guy.
jaren92  +   733d ago
I'm having this problem it's been a hour and I'm only on 4 percent
stevej336  +   733d ago
I think this has more to do with Xbox users not used to mandatory installs. The ps4 and Xbone have the same type of drive that can only read at a certain speed so.. there shouldnt be much of a difference when comparing install times.
OrangePowerz  +   733d ago
I have a feeling that the Xbox one doesn't play from the disc at all unlike the PS4 and only from the HDD. The system was designed for the disc to only be there to install and afterwards play without the disc when they still had the DRM and it is likely that this part of the function wasn't changed.
Nodoze  +   733d ago
If that is the case, that hard drive is going to fill up FAST! Considering it is not swappable, this poses a major longevity issue.
Derajcan2  +   733d ago
Yeah fifa downloaded quick for me, dead rising was lagging so I quit on, it's 4:30 am anyway
SoulSercher620  +   733d ago
You get what you pay for with the Xbone. A console that goes against the consumer.
Trekster_Gamer  +   733d ago
Please you ignorant troll... Go away you know NOT of what you speak. Only mouthing the Sonybot rhetoric!!
SoulSercher620  +   733d ago
Lol would you like to name another console that REQUIRES you to make an update to do anything out of the box? And please dont say PS4 because it can play games right out of the box. This is Microsoft being too lazy to update the OS before launching into stores. There is NOTHING to justify this.

Sorry if my proper logic hurts your feelings.
josephayal  +   733d ago
i have no problems with my gorgeous Xbox one
RocknRolla  +   733d ago
Not sure about all you. My games installed within 10-20 minutes no hassles no freezing.

No problems what so ever!
Donnyskillz  +   733d ago
lol....there are no problems downloading....tell those people with those slow ass internet connections to get there speed up lol.....im downloads are lightning fast ...had no problems whatsoever.... and ryse was ready to play in 5 minutes or so
#24 (Edited 733d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
gjruk  +   733d ago
I don't dare say my xbox one installs games fine and that it only took me 10mins to install DR3 and Fifa because it just constantly gets disliked and flamed, when are you lot gonna wise up. Just because someone adds to the convo saying they haven't had problems, you don't have to dislike it just because you prefer the playstation! I'm an xbox gamer but never once felt the need to go onto any articles regarding PS3 or PS4 and bash it all the time.
WeAreLegion  +   733d ago
So much hate toward your comment. And why all those disagrees?
bjmartynhak  +   733d ago
Just grab a sandwich. What a generation of impacient people...
Mrgolden79  +   733d ago
Impatient.... I can give you the language of origin if you'd like
bjmartynhak  +   733d ago
Or you can install your game while correcting typos and misspellings on N4G.
Grown Folks Talk  +   733d ago
MY experience has been within 5-10 range via an average of 30 Mbps. I'll compare later today after Cox taps my line to get the 50 Mbps i'm paying for.
Nodoze  +   733d ago
This is why I let others beta test the new hardware. I will jump in after patches/optimization/fixes are applied.

Thanks to all the beta testers ;)
IRNMUNKEY  +   733d ago
Most problems seem to be Day one game patches. People complaining have slow-ass internet and it seems the Xbox downloads the patch before installing game.

Don't get a next gen console if you have mediaeval internet connection!
#29 (Edited 733d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
KNWS  +   733d ago
Yes, i can confirm game installs are slighly slow, other then that the XB1 runs perfectly and very cool. Had it on for six hours last night, barely even warm.

Downloading Killer instinct now. I see there is lot of trolls on the web, saying the XB1 is faulty, i don't buy it, i thinking people are posting false reviews because their sad individuals.

Obviously there is genuine issues with some XB1's, but overall, i think the number of genuine people having issues is very low, even lower then what the Playstation users experienced with PS4
Madderz  +   733d ago
Im sorry i have to do it....

they're* not 'their'

Forgive me.
WeAreLegion  +   733d ago
That's the only issue you had with his comment?!?
Madderz  +   732d ago

I had no problem with anything else he said. Sounded like a pretty good comment to me. No hate on either side and helpful information to those who may need it.

EDIT: just re read it and spotted the false review thing.... That's an issue lolz is anyone really that sad to take time out of their day to make up lies to defend a corporate company? If so then just WOW.
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Deathdeliverer  +   733d ago
I can't say what system has more or less issues but I can say it's a stealth just like the ps4. Hardly any warmth after a night of healthy use. New systems will have issues, it's to be expected, but damn am I lucky. I personally have never gotten a dud system. Original ps2, 360, ps3 and a host of other launch systems still alive and well at my house. I feel for the PS4 and X1 users that are having issues but my flawless steak continues.
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