EnjoyUp Games Shares New Details on Five New Wii U Games

EnjoyUp Games talks about five games they have planned for the Wii U, including Unepic and Rock'N Road Racing Off Road.

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BlackWolf1731d ago

So many games... the eShop is getting filled with lots of indie love!

triforce791731d ago

WiiU is getting very good indeed,3rd partys that purposely downgrade wiiu versions of games i mean they do because wiiu can do 8k textures and all dx11 features so yeah 3rd partys defo tone down wiiu games when they make a sony or microsoft version but in the future it will stop why...

WiiU has all the real indie support and they are using dx11 level graphics also using 4k/8k textures,basically making visuals beyond any ps4 game,wiiu also will have the best 3rd party exclusives that will put other Multiplat 3rd party games to utter shame,then you have 1st party games and they are simply the best reviewed games of all time usually.....wiiu is my No1 console the memory intensive design ie edram on cache,gpgpu,cpu,everything is proving a very powerful solution..