Retailer Selling Pre-Flashed R9 290 to R9 290X for Just £359.99 - AMD in Trouble

Well well well, Ooops doesnt even begin to cover it. Some R9 290s can be soft unlocked to full fledged R9 290X. A retailer (OCUK) is selling fully unlocked and enabled VTX3D R9 290 (R9 290X) for just £359.99. Performance of the R9 290X AMD Flagship at R9 290s price, cant get better right? Wrong. They even threw in full 2 Year Warranty.

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Drummerdude411668d ago

I hope this model is allowed to stay within the market.

gamernova1667d ago

Only if AMD didn't suck...still not worth it. Don't want a heater in my PC.