Reggie on GTTV: the Future of the Wii U

Reggie remains positive, drops some perspective, and hints at future plans.

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Sarcasm1643d ago

Hopefully it's more games.

LAWSON721643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

More games? What do you think Nintendo is selling a console? That is a terrible idea.

As for the Wii U I dont see it lasting as long as the Wii did but that does not mean it is a bad console. I just truthfully see it as inferior to the competition when it comes to anything but games. The library could keep it alive if it is a good one but after a while the other two consoles will have good ones too setting it apart even more

Sarcasm1643d ago


I mean they really don't have too much going for them at this point except maybe come out with some good first party games.

Honestly I think what really killed the system is the naming scheme, it really should have been "Super Wii" or "Wii 2" or "Wii anything but U"

Some people still think it's a tablet add-on to the original Wii.

Fanboyssuck271643d ago

So by your logic, you believe that the other next gen consoles will outlast Wii u purely because of specs? You really believe the other consoles will outlast Wii u with inferior or no games?

You do realize that the whole point of buying a console is to actually play games right?

DarthZoolu1642d ago

Yes Xbox1 and PS4 will out last Wii U. PS3 and Xbox360 outlasted the Wii. I think Xbox360 and PS3 will outlast Wii U, and its because of one reason GAMES! All those Unicorn madness and Lemonade Stand Wii aren't gonna make it this generation. Thank Science the casual left concole for their phones, Because it will force core gaming companies to come with the goods to get core gamers money.

N4g_null1643d ago

Why worry we know there track record! Other companies can not boost about having games that represents a gaming bible no matter what graphical gimmick they use.

Axonometri1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

I've learned something very important about Nintendo over the years, even from when I used to dog on them before becoming a parent... Nintendo is about games. Great games. Games that are FUN to play. Not 1080p not 900p not "hey Xbox one" not it does it all... If half the people who complain about Nintendo WiiU would shut up and try it, maybe they would see what I am saying.

Gaming is about playing a game not bitching about 250 pixels. Play the games.

DarthZoolu1642d ago

That's the point, Unless you have really small children or one of those parents that wants to shelter their kids from the world we live, their a too few games. Mario is good but its not that good. Its not awe inspiring or mind blowing. It is fun but I need it to have Mario plus adult games. And people online dog Nintendo because we are adult gamers. Why do Nintendo fans deny this? Because if you don't want Metroid to be on par/scale with Skyrim then you are not a gamer at all. If you don't want games to be bigger and better you aren't a gamer you are just a fanboy.

Loadedklip1643d ago

I hope its Metroid ... please be Metroid ...

The_Truth_24_71643d ago

There is no future. Only death is left for the wii u.

Theyellowflash301643d ago

that's why sales have been improving each month. And with the release of Super Mario 3D World. Its only going to go up

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