Ys: Memories Of Celceta Getting New Gameplay Videos Every Day Up Until Launch

New gameplay videos for Ys: Memories Of Celceta are going to be released every day up until the game's official launch date. The first video, showcasing Duren, is available on the Ys Series Facebook Page.

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jujubee881731d ago

This is a great game, y'all need to buy it!

TetsujinFranky1731d ago

I can't even say how much I agree with you. I have played through the Japanese version twice and I can't really wait to play the game in English.

jujubee881731d ago

It's going to be so fun playing it for the first time. =)

DaveyB1731d ago

I can't wait for this - looks so, so good. Vita is perfect for JRPG's for me, as it means I actually get to spend some quality time on them.

Like the fact that battles are real time too.

Shame EU has to wait for so long to get it - as always :(

mic_cala1731d ago

God dammit so much to play and so little time !!!

Between tearaway, ps4 next friday and gt6 the week after and will now prob give this a go as iv been waiting for a good rpg on vita.

gear1731d ago

YS will boost the vita in the west

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