Dragon Age Inquisition was delayed because of Frostbite

Apparently, the transition to Frostbite engine was one of the reasons for the delay of Dragon Age Inquisition.

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MWong1609d ago

Makes sense based on what the Frostbite engine is normally used for. What they had to add sounds standard. Can't wait to see more information about the game.

Alexious1609d ago

I think we'll know a lot more in the next few months.

Eamon1609d ago

Changing to Frostbite was definitely a wise decision by Bioware. Lycium, their in-house engine, was too buggy and the graphics could never catch up with other high-budget RPGs.

I remember how terrible DA:O was and how I pretty much had to use fan-made high resolution texture mods so my eyes wouldn't suffer.

DA2 had the graphics that DA:O should have had. Now Inquisition is looking mighty fine. Also, as far as I know, Frostbyte was developed for large space environments which is perfect for Inquisition's story.

Alexious1609d ago

Well I don't really agree on that, DA: O was decent looking on PC.

Obviously, Frostbite is a much more advanced engine.

gamertk4211609d ago

I hope it feels more like Origins than DA2.

Pintheshadows1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

You know what Bioware, just get it right. Take all the time needed. I saw the 30 minute gameplay vid and it looked good, but if you NEED to delay it again, do it. I don't want another DA2 level mess of a game.

And bear in mind, next year, you'll be up against The Witcher 3.