6 Thoughts on Next Gen and Console Wars

MWEB GameZone guest writer, Tauriq Moosa, offers a completely different perspective on next generation gaming and the "console wars".

He talks about the delicate matters such as "Tribalism doesn't belong in gaming" and the "PC's "master race" claim."

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Sillicur1646d ago

"be wise, wait it out" is probably the best advice anyone can give regarding the next gen console wards!

HanCilliers1646d ago

It's always wise to wait so you can pick up on all the launch problems, on the other hand, there IS a better version of everything and people should side with the one they are most satisfied with

plut0nash1646d ago

+1 for the master race attitude. We're all in this together.

HoldenZA1646d ago

I still think that the 'master race' are the arcade machines that seem like the dinosaurs that once walked the earth.....

oh wait the arcade machines are still here, that must mean.......MOM!!!!!

HanCilliers1646d ago

dat arcade machines!! Man i played them stukkend