PlayStation Mobile Expands to 9 New Countries

8CN: Sony has announced that the PlayStation Store for PlayStation Mobile will be launched in nine new countries, beginning on December 18, 2013. These new regions will be: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and New Zealand.

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MajorAly895d ago

Hopefully by the time PS4 launches in Middle East, the app will be officially available there as well.

Abdou023895d ago

It is supposed to launch in the Middle East on December 15th i think, But why not SONY just make the App global ?! because a lot of people (including me ) import their consoles. I will be getting mine a long with the UK launch.

TheGrimOfDeath895d ago

Guys please, Middle East also wants these fun games too.

a08andan895d ago

FINALLY it comes to Sweden, had the app on my tablet since June :(

plmkoh895d ago

Although not immensely popular, I like the service, when you buy a game for your mobile you automatically increase your Vita library. If only they added a cloud save feature for the game.

Unreal01895d ago

When is the app on Android in the UK?! I keep looking on the Play Store, but it's never there. Maybe my phone doesn't support it?

mike32UK895d ago (Edited 895d ago )

Im trying on my HTC ONE... No luck

Unreal01895d ago

Ah I have a HTC One X, I guess I'm out of luck too then :/

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