Husband and wife become unlikely Twitchtv stars using just their PS4: Adam Boyes Calls In

Members of the PC gaming elite and console players with add-on hardware have been live streaming their gaming exploits for years, but a new generation of consoles means everyone's 15 minutes of fame one step closer.

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GribbleGrunger1726d ago

History is being made here Folks. I've been following this for three hours now and Adam Boyes actually phoned in. Here's his call:

JimmyLmao1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

Wow, this went Viral! and this is such an awesome and innovative idea.

They are both naturally good at being in the center of attention.

i encourage everyone to follow them on twitch and twitter for some more awesome livestreams in the future!

(remember... 4>1 ...hehe)

Septic1726d ago

Someone call in from N4G! Come on I would if I was in the U.S..

Adam Boyes sounded shattered there.

thereapersson1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )


If you listen closely you can hear Boyes say he has a cold.

awesomeperson1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

I started watching when it was first posted on Neogaf. Was amazing seeing the views creep up from 200 to over 1000. Yosp's tweet, then Boyes call, and Patrick. Must be the best feeling for those guys.

This will be a thing, Sony should work on a dedicated app or mode for it. The Playroom has become the Killer-App for this without even meaning to.

awesomeperson1726d ago


I can imagine there will be a lot of copycats from now on in. People won't keep watching them, however, without original ideas or great personalities.

I like this couple, but they need some sort of structure to keep people interested. I doubt they'll keep up a great viewership without a plan. Which is unfortunate, but they should enjoy it while it lasts!

FamilyGuy1726d ago

That's pretty cool.
I was thinking of how I would go about doing something like this yesterday. Was thinking how can I get that video box bigger and outta know where bam!, These guys think up using the Playroom.

I'm lovin the PS4 more and more each day!

Langkasuka1726d ago

This is really good. You can use the Playroom broadcast like a post game discussion segment for all your viewers, after you've live-streamed a game. or uploaded a video.

DragonKnight1726d ago

If Sony plays their cards right, and continues this kind of interaction with members of the Playstation Nation, they'll easily be the go to company, and the PS4 will be the go to console, for all kinds of social gaming ideas going into the future. Shuhei Yoshida popularized a high ranking executive engaging, and trolling, with a userbase. It can't be easy for him to deal with the internet.

Adam Boyes just showed that Sony looks for innovative ideas coming straight from us gamers, and they engage those that have them. If Sony keeps up this trend of engaging with the people, it can be immensely good for them in my opinion.

Sony and the PS4 are the People's Choice.

kneon1726d ago

I expect the playroom dev team are having a lot of meetings this morning to figure out what to add next. I doubt they ever expected it to be used in this way.

If they could combine the LBP type user created content with playroom this could just explode. People could then create their own virtual environments.

scott1821725d ago

I typed "I love cheese and the Spartan show"... and she laughed. It's the small things that make me happy.

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Mr Pumblechook1726d ago

I didn't catch the Adam Boyes call but what I've watched is strangely interesting. They have a little robot (From PS4 Playroom) floating around their heads and it seems like a little cat or dog and it's almost like they have a pet powered by he Playstation Eye. And the show is kinda like community radio or TV.

There has been a lot of conversation about what is going to be the big next-gen innovation and I'm beginning to think it is live streaming from your console! Amazing.

mgeezy3131726d ago

I got to talk to them twice! I called in and got on twice. :) They are amazing!

Jaces1726d ago

Not big into twitch but it's growing on me. What these two are doing is pretty neat, shame I'm overseas atm. That bot is pretty funny, didn't think much of Playroom but I'm beginning to see how fun it can be. :D

Back-to-Back1726d ago

What make it great is that he seems like such a nice dude. Great to someone being humble rewarded. There have been 3 sony employeees that have called in so far.


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phoenix_dusk1726d ago

Wow they're getting famous. LOL

Yosp better call. HAha

Langkasuka1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

He's watching happily, probably ready to cover for Boyes if he accidentally coughed Last Guardian's release date or something, hehehe :)

Live-streaming is definitely next-gen :)

Will the Twitch star kill the YouTube star? :P

Sarobi1726d ago

I had called in and asked why they weren't playing the Xbox One lol. Also ADAM BOYES CALLED IN!

T21726d ago

haha that was funny, no wonder PLAYSTATION tweeted their show out, he was very adamant about PS4 being the shi*

It was fun for a bit but mostly just them sitting around, funny guy kept calling saying the baby was his.

jujubee881726d ago

Nice. They are fun.

Wait, you weren't trolling to try and ruin the fun where you? :(

jujubee881726d ago

Call in, represent N4G!!!

HappyWithOneBubble1726d ago

Sony is watching us on Twitch. We should all go on there and beg for Syphon Filter and Crash Bandicoot.

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