Xbox One is out but hard-core Indian gamers might prefer Sony PS4

Its been twelve long years since Microsoft’s first Xbox console made it to the Indian market, albeit on the grey market. At the time, no one thought it would last for fears of piracy and a limited appeal. Fast forward nearly 100-million-worldwide-units-so ld later and Xbox has grown to become a monster in India since 2006. It has gone on to nearly outstripped Windows as the most lucrative revenue source for Microsoft in the global scene.

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TemplarDante1696d ago

I agree with the hard-core Indian gamers, go PS4.

JackISbacK1696d ago

yeah it can be because ,ps4 is cheaper ,xb360 was also chepar and truly said ,years back when xb360 and ps3 launched xb360 was the ruler in india ,despite the fact that ps2 was most succesful in india and is the most best console ever sold i india ,yeah one thing is clear xb360 will break the indian record but i think ps4 will be the first and best choice for indians because its cheaper ,and is very traditionaly focused on gaming ,yeah i'am not saing xb1 will not succesful yeah because of establishment of xb360,still may people will pick it up but price,will be the biggest factor ,india,india is the one of the worst market of gaming no most people use to buy pirated games and expect their consoles to be hacked and play pirated dvd's also a big factar is that xb1 is very focsed on entartainment apps but here in india very less people care about it they are happy with their set top box and mobikle phones ,they does not wnat to bring a new think and biggest problem ,these apps require better internet connections which is not avilable to most people ,only very rich can only support that, for now it may be ps4,i'am an india and now a days living in los andgeles for my studis and have buied both ps4 and xb1 and i'am happey with both of them ,and what matters the most is games ,games are popular there ,if ps4 will have better games most will go for it if xb360 will have better games people will go for it,but cahances are more for ps4 becuase casual gamers will go only cheaper one.

Phene1696d ago

I'm Indian ...I own a ps4.

JackISbacK1695d ago

i'am also indian and i'am having both ps4 and xb1 and it does not means ps3 was more famous in india ,you are an indian so you may have know ,if you have any knowledge about market.

Phene1695d ago

That was a joke ..obviously. But I am Indian ...and I do own a ps4.

3-4-51696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

lol thought you meant "indie" & it was just a typo... I was confused at first

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DigitalRaptor1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

It's quite simple. PlayStation is a better global brand than Xbox is.

And they way they've positioned the PS4 going forward means that it will be this way across all regions of the world. When you treat your consumers with respect, they respect you back and this is what happens.

JackISbacK1696d ago

sorry last gen globally xb360 was famous more wether its usa ,europe or wether smallest market of games india ,xb360 sold most here ,but this time it can be ps4 becuase its cheaper but when it comes to games ,hard core gamers will go for that console which will have better games and both of them is not having it now ,maybe can be infuture ,but when talk about casual gamers ,those people will go for cheaper that is ps4.i'am and indian knows better than you,yeah if xb1 will have better games people will go for it but entartainment apps will not be succesful here because of most people have only connections of 512kb/s thst why it not appeals to them but hope fully in future,but if any popular game like halo or fable legend or some new amazing ips land here and we knows gamers can do any thing for them ,they will eventualy buy the xb1 and will have better connections ,harcore gamers here can also duy for them or they will buy hig end pc's.

hay1696d ago

Xbox had very divided market awareness. It was strong in UK, US and part of Europe, was ironically popular in "eastern block" countries due to easy "Yarrr". But in those regions, Asia and lion part of Europe, Playstation was pretty much synonymous to gaming, like with Nintendo.
Microsoft have also some bad reputation in few countries due to terrible/stupid PR decisions(censoring black people on their adverts, seriously, not cool MS), blocking local businesses(bullsh*t corporate decisions) and so on, while Sony flawless.
Also in some places Sony had established brands through high end electronic devices, Playstation just lured everyone in. While MS had lying Encarta Reference Library about whole lot of topics, inaccurate maps and broken parts of their products, not mentioning the Windows shenanigans, when every second OS is ok, but the others are used as shelved betas for a price of a full product.

People tend to be educated you know and see certain entities partially and in whole at the same time to properly evaluate to whom hard earned money will go. One gotta use both brain hemispheres to properly asses situation.

Everyone will find it's reason to choose their own way.
Some dudes even boycott MS 'cause Gates dude worships Big Owl.
It's really up to whatever floats your boat, but we're getting less of a choice(not a choice one would call really free, I mean, four platforms, consoles with 95% of library overlapping) with time, less of progress and improvements, a question arises.

Should we really care fighting because of this bullsh*it?

chrissx1696d ago

I agree with the pips above me and all hardcore gamers everywhere. Go Ps4

SynestheticRoar1696d ago

Indians gamer's want to be straight ballers.

FrigidDARKNESS1696d ago

LmaO never herd of an hardcore Indian game.

Hicken1696d ago

I imagine there are a lot of things you haven't heard of, like common sense.

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