Discover Letris 3 - A Tetris meets Scrabble hybrid

Ever wondered what would happen if Tetris and Scrabble had a baby? Well, wonder no more, 'cause it happened, and Letris 3 was born. As a birthday present, Letris 3 even got its own TV show, yip, the first ever video game that can boast that.

The game sounds fairly simple, ou have to build words (Scrabble) to keep your screen clear (Tetris) as long as possible.

MWEB GameZone takes a look at the wonderful world of Letris 3 for iOS devices

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Sillicur1733d ago

Looks nice, will grab it as soon as it comes to android!

HoldenZA1733d ago

As if scrabble and tetris weren't frustrating enough already!

I think this game will give me an immediate headache, but like its cousins I must give it a bash.

Nice write up.