Here Is How The Xbox One Looks Like If You Brick Your Console During Update

Xbox One has been now officially released in Europe and North America. As users are getting Xbox One, we are going to see all sorts of problems and issues related to their experience with the system. One user in particular managed to brick his console when he tried to update his Xbox One.

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Snookies121549d ago

Why would you do this....?

DarkLordMalik1549d ago

I doubt if he did it himself. Might be some issue at his end that resulted in this brick.

UltimateMaster1549d ago

"A feature on LaFerrari was used as a backdoor to hype up Forza 5. The car looks amazing both in real life and in the game, and will be a *timed exclusive to the Ferrari pack in Forza 5*."

Wait, what?

Timed exclusive content on an exclusive first party game? WTF?

What happens after that timed exclusivity? Is it gone forever?

*LaFerrari* That's the most powerful car in the world that has both fuel engine and electric engine and both can run simultaneously.

You need to tell me that the car they promote is a Maclaren which is know to be THE most polluting sports car in the current market?

Where's your environmental priorities?
What, because your Microsoft CEO billionaire your automatically voided of environmental responsibility of any kind? That's BS.

Burrito26a1549d ago

Why would you update or why would you buy an XBox?

Bathyj1549d ago

Come off it guy, no need for that. As someone whose X360s power supply was a dud on launch night I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Burrito26a1549d ago

You come off it "guy." It was a question not meant for you.

rluttrell1549d ago

For some reason "come off it" cracks me up.

BobBelcher1549d ago

Can't tell if you're trolling or just dumb.

Gekko361549d ago

Because they want to update as perthe day one patch and because they either don't want a PS4 or just want an xbox.

Bit of a stupid question

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Gamer19821549d ago

It looked exactly like this on the original PHAT Xbox when it got bricked too. A lot of those got bricked aswell with people flashing them and using as media centers after the 360 came out..

FlunkinMonkey1549d ago

MS fans are going to regret saying anything about 'bricked consoles' on the PS4, which was completely ironic considering their non issue of over 50% failure rate last gen. Articles are going to come out in troves about bricked Xone's regardless of being true or not. The same happened for the lackluster reviews of your games, and the abuse that was given to KZ and Knack.

You only have yourselves and the media to blame.

MasterofMagnetism1549d ago

Of course they are going to downplay this but just last week they were screaming from the rooftops about the PS4 failures.

pyramidshead1549d ago

Hardware failure affects all electronics. I think even the most die hard fanboy knew that both consoles would have problems at launch.

But yes the shoe will be on the other foot for the next week or so.

Brix901548d ago

Hardware failures are gona happen I just hated seeing the stupid PS4 brick gifs everywhere and people that were blowing PS4 situation out of proportion now issues are happening on the other side and it's ok now. Hope this is as far as issues go for both consoles.

Kydawg1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

The Japanese quotation reads, "Please return Xbox then purchase PS4 馬鹿."

Kyosuke_Sanada1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

With all of the news articles on failure rates you would think the Wii U would be receiving praises by now at least hardware-wise.

solidboss071549d ago

We all knew that the WiiU would be quite reliable, then again it hardly pushes hard near the limits of performance/heat ect.

sak5001549d ago

Wii U using hardware from 5 year old technology why would there be any failures?

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