A Majora’s Mask Remake May Very Well Be on the Horizon

Read here about the hints Nintendo are dropping at a remake. And maybe even learn a little about Zelda.

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Inception1764d ago

I'm loving OoT on 3DS and i want a remake of Majora's too ^^

MurDocINC1764d ago

Nintendo should give to the guys that made that fake Majora's mask Wii u trailer. They did a great job, it was beautiful and creepy at times.

Canary1762d ago

They wouldn't bother remaking it for 3DS, an enhanced port ala OoT3D would do the trick. It's the people clamoring (for some reason) for a WiiU version of the game that expect a remake, as the core game assets of an N64 game simply don't scale as well to 1920x1080 as 400x240 (3DS resolution).

That said, Nintendo doesn't seem to be in any hurry to release SNES games on the WiiU virtual console, let alone N64 titles, and there are those rumors of them doing enhanced ports of N64 games for a "WiiU Classics" line, so I guess it's possible.

Of course, as nice as the fan-made renders are, I sincerely doubt we'll ever see an honest-to-God remake of Majora's Mask, or any other Zelda game for that matter. Remakes cost nearly as much to produce as new games, which is why they're so rare.

Xof1764d ago

Will someone please explain to me why Nintendo fanboys are so absolutely resolute in their refusal to learn the difference between a remake and a port?

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous.

Rockefellow1764d ago

They aren't just going to port this like they did with Wind Waker. An N64 title requires a significant amount of work in comparison. Do you remember what they look like? You can't just slap it onto a disc with higher resolution.

Misaka_x_Touma1764d ago

WW HD was created from scratch. Not port.

DrJones1764d ago

Wind Waker wan't a port. It was a entire reworking of the game and game engine.

Neonridr1763d ago

All new art assets had to be created for Wind Waker. New Lighting sources were added to the game. And Audio assets were remastered. That is not a simple upconvert the resolution and Bob's your uncle.

Let's not confuse Wind Waker as an HD collection game similar to what Sony and MS have done.

Art assets for Majora's mask would have to be done from scratch due to the limits of the N64 at the time. Remember the game only had 4MB of system RAM standard and 8MB with the expansion pack (which Majora's Mask required).

CrossingEden1764d ago

A remake implies that the game is made from the ground up. In this case, Majora's mask would be a REMAKE and NOT just a port, because it would be running on a completely different graphics engine. Maybe you should take your own advice next time.

Sly-Lupin1763d ago

...Yes, a remake is a game re-developed from the ground up... which is why OoT3D and WWHD are ports, not remakes.

There's no such thing as a "graphics engine." Yes, Nintendo used a new rendering engine, but that didn't suddenly transform the game into a new product. All it did was let them use fancier lighting effects.

Adding new lighting effects, music, textures, etc. are the difference between a PORT and an ENHANCED PORT. OoT3D and WWHD are the latter. This is why you'll see the same geometry, same models, and same animations in Nintendo's ports.

In fact, Nintendo has been perfectly honest about their games, never once referring to them as "remakes."

The only people insisting on calling these games remakes are idiot fanboys.

Neonridr1763d ago

@Sly-Lupin - check out this link, look at the photos and tell me all the geometry is the same.

You can clearly see the differences, especially in the central tower at the top.

Xof1763d ago

@Neonridr: I suggest you look more closely. The geometry is the same. The new shaders just make the HD version look better.

Look at the straight lines on the objects, not the detailing of the textures.

seraphym881763d ago

First off, your an idiot. Now that we are clear on that, let me say that EVERY zelda port/remake has been of some of the utmost quality. Unlike God of War HD or many other remakes.

Now second, if you take a video game and REMAKE every texture of every surface, in HD, that game has been REMADE. Not PORTED, but REMADE.

BTW,Hows them shit-quality God of War and Halo remakes treating yall?

Xof1762d ago

I hesitate to respond to so obvious a troll, but to my knowledge neither the God of War or Halo franchises have ever seen any remakes.

A game is only a "remake" when it is completely remade. Otherwise, (by your laughable logic) the high-resolution texture pack for Skyrim is, in fact, a remake.

But, by all means, continue to post your nonsense. It's vaguely entertaining, if nothing else.

seraphym881761d ago

@Xof, I cant tell you how funny it is to see yet another sony/micro zombie try to discredit me in an 'intelligent' way, by typing extremely proper english, such a a prepubesent 12 year old tries to prove his merit by cursing a lot.
First off, lets use your logic there....if a game must be completely changed in order to be a remake, then first, HOW is the a REMAKE and not a DIFFERENT game? Second, what game (if using that logic) has EVER been remade?
No sir, clearly you are mistaken. But ill forgive you, after all, your just another Sony/micro zombie. Oh and BOTH GoW and Halo have been remade, if u silly ppl didn't know that then Jesus Christ why r u Sony/micro fans?
Maybe its because NEITHER sold well :)

DarthZoolu1764d ago

I want to yell, Nintendo please stop re-offering me games that I have beat to completion, unless you offer more ways to play a game (skyrim). Please focus on making New games and NEW OPs do that first, then you can make more old stuff.

Misaka_x_Touma1764d ago

Tell Sony about those HD Collection.

LOL_WUT1764d ago

The thing is that Sony didn't start doing these HD collections till later in the ps3's life Nintendo on the other hand is doing them in the first year and charging full price for a remake. ;)

Neonridr1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

@LOL_WUT - with the amount added to Wind Waker and the effort and care put into it, I would happily purchase a Majora's Mask, Star Fox 64, Mario 64, F-Zero 64 HD remake with Nintendo's added touches.

DarthZoolu1763d ago

The didn't add to Wind Walker they took some stuff out and made it easier if you have beat both to 100% you would know that. Also with sony HD collection's you get like 5 games for $20. Plus there is no lack of games for PS3/360. How many 10 year old 1st Party remakes do you see coming to MS and Sony. They are focused on new games and NEW IPs. What is a new first party IP from Nintendo come this or Next year?

seraphym881763d ago

Really? Skyrim came out when? Majora's mask came out when? wadda dumb comment.

@LOL_WUT God of war has remakes, that says enough right there. What Nintendo game that came out after the first GoW, has been remade? Mario64? nope. Starfox 64? nope. Zelda OoT? nope.

Again, wadda dumb comment;) yall N haters needa try harder, this is getting EZ. ;)

svoulis1764d ago


yay lets rehash more games


cpayne931764d ago

To be fair, if there are any games that deserve remakes, its oot and majora's mask. Absolutely brilliant games, but don't forget, we also have a new zelda that just came out for 3ds.

svoulis1764d ago

I get it, I know some games deserve a facelift etc.

But Nintendo seems to be doing that so much lately.

Neonridr1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

"But Nintendo seems to be doing that so much lately."

they made ONE HD remaster with the Wind Waker HD? How is that now suddenly doing it a lot lately? ONE game is now too many???


svoulis1763d ago



Zelda OoT

Wind Waker

Super Mario 64 (Super Mario DS)

Chrono Trigger

Basically every super Mario game in existence.

Thats what I know off the top of my head.

Now no one said it was just on the Wii U either ;)

Neonridr1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Chrono Trigger isn't a Nintendo IP. Square Enix owns the right to those games. Just like Final Fantasy III and IV were remade for the DS, but that has nothing to do with Nintendo.

Starfox, OoT and Super Mario DS were done years ago. 2 years for OoT and Starfox, Super Mario DS was several years before.

I am still missing where the word LATELY comes into play here..

Dark111764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

More remakes from nintendo huh.

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