The Battlefield 4 One Hit Kill Bug in detail

Jack Frags goes into detail on the one hit kill bug for Battlefield 4. Please spread the word so Dice can provide a fix A.S.A.P

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ArchangelMike1614d ago

Excellent, vid. But the thing is really, a headshot should actually be a one hit kill. Shouldn't it?

Visualift1613d ago

No kidding, any shot to the head should be instant death.

alexkoepp1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Spreading the word on this is a bad idea not a good one...

And agreed, head shot should always kill, the glitch is that headshots aren't killing people lol, he has it all backwards

thorstein1613d ago

Yeah. Why doesn't he show the same shot as a body shot or leg shot? Is it because it does the correct damage to the body? Taking a shotgun and aiming it at someone's head at 8 meters, pulling the trigger, does not result in a loss of half of their health. It results in the loss of half of their skull.

Omegasyde1613d ago

WTF ...I thought it was a common rule in all shooters?A shot to the head was death.

How is this a glitch? If anything I would be pissed off that my enemy didn't die if I shot him between the eyeballs.

Visualift1610d ago

I'd be alright with a shot to the head not resulting in an instant death as long as it was occasional. Would make sense to have some variety depending on the angle/distance of the shot paired with helmet protection.

Point blank (within 20 yards) = instant death.

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Jovanian 1613d ago

It probably has to do with gameplay reasons why 1 bullet to the head isn't a 1 hit kill. I mean if you wanted realism, getting shot once by any weapon should be enough to drop you

AllroundGamer1613d ago

exactly, too much realism is not good for the pace of gameplay. If someone wants realism he should well... get in the military.

ArchangelMike1613d ago

I hear you, at the end of the day Gameplay has to come first. I guess the first shot the head hits the helmet.

alexkoepp1613d ago

The headshot is a pillar of the first person shooter lol, every fps should have it unless it's sci-fi

Omegasyde1613d ago

Stabbings and Headshots - Should always be kills.

When you go for the headshot, you risk missing the head as it's a smaller portion of the

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TheBrownBandito1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )


From a gameplay perspective, not if the headshot multiplayer is at 2x.

It seemed reasonably random and the frame by frame comparison of the health bar showed something was obviously amiss.