Xbox One's Launch Event Wasn't Much of a Party

Hardcore Gamer: A handful of people standing around pretending to have a good time, more green lightning than Batman Beyond, no meaningful announcements and the worst confetti dropping ever lead to one awkward time.

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admiralvic1731d ago

Did anyone really expect Spike TV to deliver?

ChaosKnight1731d ago

But the event in general seemed off.

FamilyGuy1731d ago

Speaking of launch events.

I have a question for any and all out there.
Were the Xbox Ones in short supply?

At my local Walmart, where I bought my PS4, they only had 8 X1s tonight and they were all pre-orders. No extras whatsoever.

At the PS4 launch they had 36 consoles and 23 were pre-orders. The electronic guy said that even "GameStop was only getting 4 extra", beyond the pre-orders.

Did MS intentionally hold back a lot of stock or what. Did any of you guys hear of similar situations?

UltimateMaster1731d ago

The PS4 event was too enough.
Uncharted 4 is all I needed to hear.

Death1731d ago

It probably depends on where you go. I went to a Microsoft store last night where I pre-ordered mine. It was catered, they had a DJ and were raffling off prizes for a couple hours before launch. Best I could tell there were around 200 people getting consoles and it looked like they had 50 day one editions left and a stack of green boxed systems. The Best Buy up the road was insane with people lined up around the building in the cold rain.

Godmars2901731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Thought GT would manage it just like with the PS4.

Was rather odd. And from what I saw they didn't make any new announcements.

Still, par for the course for how they've been doing things.

Langkasuka1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Yes, I was wondering if there were any new announcements. Titanfall? Project Spark? Halo 5? Any release date or news?

Freedomland1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Why is this man so sad in the submitted picture above?
My sympathies for whatever he was thinking about during the event because i can understand what he was going through.

Salooh1731d ago

Don't expect any announcements for X1 unless it's a big conference. You have VGX and E3. TGS is already finished.

LOGICWINS1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Cringed a bit when they obviously forced Deadmau5 into saying that he gives a crap about games when he obviously doesnt. Not everyone is into games. Theres no need to pretend.

The kid getting that Gold XBL card was the highlight of the night. Dude had tears in his eyes. You can tell hes super passionate about gaming.

@Admiralvic- Spike TV can only deliver what Microsoft/Sony allows them to deliver. Its not like Geoff and Justine can pull new announcements out of their asses.

AngelicIceDiamond1731d ago

Lol yeah Deadmau didn't even know how to respond nor care to respond when he was interviewed about games.

The event was ok. What really pissed me off when the Titanfall devs took stage they didn't even show off any new Titan Fall gameplay or anything. Instead its was just a preview and we had to wait a couple of weeks at the VGX.

SMH oh well VGX is my next event then.

LOGICWINS1731d ago

Yeah the Titanfall gameplay was old, but exciting nonetheless. Im no doubt watching VGX. Geoff said on Up at Noon that there would be some HUGE changes this year based on gamers' feedback.

AngelicIceDiamond1731d ago

Huge changes to Titanfall? Did he hint at what?

Lannister1731d ago

"Its not like Geoff and Justine can pull new announcements out of their asses."

And that's not for lack of trying on Geoff Keighley's part.

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Kydawg1731d ago

Did you see the PS4 launch event? The highlight was a PS1 skin for Snake in Ground Zeros, Hooray. Cant get better then that.

beebap1731d ago

Seriously it not just a skin it a exclusive mission also that fans from the whole series will love that why it called de ja vu.Also uncharted 4 announced with trailer also thou dlc trailer which super excited to see elle again. Damn good launch party. Try harder

Kydawg1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Sorry I'm not as an "involved gamer" as you, but an old mission from MGS1, a 10 second trailer for Uncharted that only shows a map, and DLC about a little girl riding a ferris wheel is not my idea of good. I'm on Sony's side and it was boring IMO. Really boring. Hopefully VGX will have more enticing morsels.

Destrania1731d ago

I also loved the new Infamous trailer they showed along with the release date at the end. And as far as Uncharted goes, they didn't have to show gameplay yet. An official announcement was all that was needed.

Sarcasm1731d ago

Yeah there wasn't really anything megaton about it. All good news though. Can't wait to see Uncharted on PS4 and try Destiny beta.

beebap1731d ago

The point is it was launch show they did not have to announce anything, uncharted usually left to the vga. You would think they save big announcements for when hype dies down.

GenericNameHere1731d ago

I only managed to see several minutes of it (came in late, had trouble watching it on GT mobile, etc), but I dont like the celebrities. In fact, I hate all gues celebrities who say they play videogames. I don't mean not all of them don't play videogames, but it's easy to guess who aren't. In fact, they're painfully obvious. Instead of saying you play COD or Madden in every interview, why not mention a niche game, or another one that's only semi-popular. I'd even take a lie. Microsoft makes the Xbox. Why didn't you tell the people who wrote your lines to add in a game like Alan Wake or Bastion instead of the usual COD/Madden games so that you don't try to seem like a "ohh I'm a celebrity gamer because I play COD and stuff" wannabe gamer

tiremfej1731d ago

I swear there is a triple negative in there somewhere...maybe they do play video games. Maybe they put Madden, Halo, or COD out there to relate to many people...being a person who plays those games is expected...geeking out on Japanese import Anime titles is not something normal people would get or appreciate. Celebrities have to stay mainstream to guarantee as large as following as possible.

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