PS4 review: Sony's new console won the next gen games battle but will it win the war? | Mirror

Dan Silver spends time with Sony's wonderful new box of tricks and finds a console designed with gamers in mind.

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moparful991733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

I've played mine everyday since launch and my fondness of it has grown exponentially.. It really is a fantastic machine and cannot wait to see it's evolution throughout this generation..

Sony doesn't have to spend time and resources making the console accessible nor affordable.. They can focus on improving it out of the gate and will receive alot of third party preference thanks to the near flawless launch..

Sarcasm1733d ago

I agree, after the launch hype died down, I'm able to soak in the ps4 and feel very at home with it now. Loving the fast UI, fast loading times, fast boot time, exceptional 1080p graphics what I'm used to on the PC, faster network downloads, etc. Etc. The list goes on and on. The biggest notable one though is that I'm in love with the DS4, and man I can't go back to the DS3.

first1NFANTRY1733d ago

lol oh man i luv n4g and the gifs. keep them coming, their funny as.

Bathyj1733d ago

What would Daniel Bryan say?

Omran1733d ago


CrimsonDragon901733d ago

Daniel Bryan sucks! what does he have to do with the PS4.

Retroman1733d ago

if only kevin butler was apart of ps4 promotion what would he say?

moparful991733d ago

Kevin Butler would say "Greatness awaits? No greatness has always been here, thats me. PS4 is great because I allow it to be."

Sounds about right lol.

chrissx1733d ago

Kratos(GOW) Ps4 vs Titus(Ryse) Xbone. There's only 1 winner here

moparful991733d ago

Kratos approves of this comment.

aa_net661733d ago

This guy must be smoking crack...what freakin' next gen game battle did sony win, they've done absolutely nothing to warrant such a best its still up in the air

NeXXXuS1733d ago

The potential is what makes it a great system.

solidboss071733d ago

Ahh? They made the best, and most capable console ever made. Cheap, sleek, and the best developers are making exclusive games for it.
Why are you puzzled?

rainhell771733d ago

Ps3 had better specs then Xbox 360 and Microsoft still manage to beat Sony in the USA.

KimoNoir1733d ago

Step back and observe before you speak with your ass.

Ps3 had specs which were potentially better but overall backfired because it was overly complex to develope on.

360 was easy and straight forward and the gpu was stronger.

Now... The ps4 is stronger in ram, gpu and cpu. The games are night and day from 720 to 1080.

Xb one has an awesome ui and ecosystem. Controller is alright. I still prefer 360 controller over xbone and ps4.

Overall... Do you like your games in 720 or 1080? Keep lyin to yourself billy

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The story is too old to be commented.