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The next gen of gaming is finally here and Xbox One is the final contender on the list. As the showdown for the best gaming console heats up the arena people all over the world wait desperately to try out their most anticipated consoles. However one that is making quite a buzz is Xbox One, living up to its pre-launch tagline which was “A device for all your visual entertainment” Xbox One has definitely made a mark for itself in the market.

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Sm00thNinja1578d ago

Gonna catch hell for this but after trying out my new Xbox One I gotta say I'm in love. My PS4 will be my girl on the side. This site doesn't have a PS4 review how does PS4 win? Anyone have a link to the PS4 review?

Sm00thNinja1578d ago

Add me SmoothNinja on PS4 don't just say shit with no research

sincitysir11578d ago

Why would u get hell for that? Fat girls need love too ;)

Infamous21578d ago

Why would you catch hell for saying what you like LOL?? You might like guys instead of girls do you think people would care??

Kydawg1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

So Xbox is your fat wife that constantly spies on you, even though you check in with her all the time, and spend more money on, and PS4 is your tight little mistress that could care less about spying, you spend less money on, and you truthfully have more fun with with her anyway?

Sm00thNinja1578d ago

Lol no but yes lol. The Xbone is better though in my honest opinion! It feels like a true next gen successor as opposed to the PS4 IMHO. The voice commands are right 92% of the time. That was what I feared the most going in.

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