8-Bit Zelda Secret in Super Mario 3D World (Easter Egg)

GameXplain: "Check out a secret 8-Bit Link from The Legend of Zelda hidden in Super Mario 3D World's Star World-1! It even includes the Zelda theme song!"

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SactoGamer1698d ago

It's a secret to everybody.

higgins781698d ago

Damn, I seriously love Nintendo. So, so much care and attention is poured into each of its staple IP's for us long time followers, it just doesn't get much better. This release of SM3DW has me as excited as way back in the day when I was bought for Christmas a SNES/Super Mario World bundle.

Kydawg1698d ago

내가 찾을 경우이 부활절 달걀은 내가 그것을 먹을 수있다!!?

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