Xbox One: lots of potential but ultimately a PS4 underdog – review | Guardian

The user interface is a huge improvement over the 360, and Kinect now works well, but Microsoft's latest games console is playing catchup against Sony's PlayStation 4.

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first1NFANTRY1820d ago

lol guess you could say the cat is out of the bag.

Army_of_Darkness1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Ryse is the only good looking game on xbone so far. Everything else looks like 360 quality.

Maxor1820d ago

I agree. Ryse looks freaking sweet but I wonder how many of those screens are bullshots from cut scenes.

UltimateMaster1820d ago

The underdog or the cat king?

FamilyGuy1820d ago

This reminds me of that Kanye thing LOL

Yeah, you're good, but PS4 is better.

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cleft51820d ago

I respect anyone that goes with the Xbox One as their console of choice, but the reality is that right now Microsoft is playing catch up to Sony in almost every regard. With that said, there are a lot of great reasons to get a Xbox One, but that doesn't change the reality of the situation and people that can only afford one console or planning on just owning one console need to keep this reality in mind.

mrmarx1820d ago Show
Soldierone1820d ago

@above Whats happening with the DLC?

Sitdown1820d ago

Yes, please explain the doc rape.

Kryptix1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Also Ryse has micro transactions, I think we know what Microsoft's plan is. I'm not a fan of games being broken into pieces and day one DLC, leave that to Capcom.

dansdooz1820d ago

Oh dear, you really need to step back a bit dude, the only thing ps4 is leading is horsepower nothing more.

Gamer19821820d ago

TBH who cares as long as you enjoy the games? My sticking point in all honesty is the price not the resolution.


Me owning both systems, I can honestly say I'm liking the ps4 better than the far.

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FamilyGuy1820d ago

Lmao WTF!!

That was hilariously unexpected.

Mystogan1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Biased article is biased. The PS4 can't do half the stuff Xbox One does. How is it the Underdog?

Ultimately it comes down to preference.

If you like Microsoft IP's and want a Console that can do much more than just gaming. And like Microsoft's vision with the Kinect. Get an Xbox One.

If you're a Core gamer and Like Sony's IPs. And just want a console that can game. And you care about a few extra pixels, Get a PS4.

It's not that hard guys. There is no bad choice!

Hicken1819d ago

There's like one thing the XB1 can do that the PS4 can't, and that's control your TV. Now, granted, the XB1 can do a lot of things BETTER, but they're all media-related.

However, as a gaming console, the PS4 wipes the floor with the XB1. And, on a site called News 4 Gamers, that's probably more important.

I hear that over on News 4 Multimedia Box Lovers they all say the XB1 is better. Maybe you should join that site instead?

dale_denton1820d ago

xbox, play ps4 the better console

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IanVanCheese1820d ago

Couldn't agree more, it is certainly the underdog at the moment. I see that as a good thing, Microsoft will have to keep pushing to stay in the game.

Dee_911820d ago

Yea and the crazy part is they made themselves underdogs with all that DRM crap.
If it wasn't for that I wouldn't have a problem with xbox.That trust is pretty much gone.For me anyways

Blackdeath_6631820d ago

interesting to see mainstream media say this

first1NFANTRY1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

"rocket science level stuff" folks lol comical

LordMaim1820d ago

Five. Billion. Transistors.

Kryptix1820d ago

What is expected at E3?

Langkasuka1820d ago

Serious question being asked politely, very curious~

Would you take console reviews from a national news agency or from established gaming news sites online?

I see the former which covers experienced journalism in accordance to rules and regulations. The latter are those with industry experience, better insider-knowledge but often questionable validity.

Mikelarry1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

With sites like polygon and alike can you blame gamers when the people who are supposed to be unbiased industry professionals seem to be pushing their agendas

THC CELL1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Hit nail on head it's sites like polygon and certain people on this site and real life makes me want to get ps4 more becauSe they are idiots I don't want to play with. Since 06 ms become a#s holes a army of a#s holes followed, before could not care what console I played I did start gaming on Nintendo and Sega then ps1/2 also the first online console I got was Xbox loved wolfenstine loved rainbow and I wish I could go back to them days they was much better also enjoyed halo 1/2 2 before hackers, remember the getting out of the map and super jump days on halo 2 and noob combo also the flying with sword across map and NO SCOPE haha but then all died down when ps 3 release people like webby317, the Mart and others just become hostile that was it for ms people make em look like a#s holes so I stuck with Sony and yes Sony can be the same but I also enjoy what they offer now.

BitbyDeath1820d ago

National news sites are what the general public will see so I find that more interesting.

Soldierone1820d ago

National news sites are often worthless. Yeah they get the audience, but they don't understand gaming. They don't know what makes these good.

Plus with national sites, anything that doesn't have an Apple slapped on the back is auto degraded.

The only issue with the second (actual gaming sites) is that you need to realize what you are reading. Do they normally show bias? Yes, then you should probably trust someone else. If you find one that normally agrees with your opinions, its best to somewhat believe them.

torchic1820d ago

I personally NEVER take reviews/opinions from gaming journalists at established gaming sites seriously.

game journalists imho should be there to cover news, ask tough questions etc. and that's it. they've proved themselves to lack credibility so they've effectively stripped themselves of the right to offer opinion.

the problem is that even when they do journalistically (is that a word?) report on news (facts!) they tend to do so with bias, and like you said have questionable validity, which is a shame.

admiralvic1820d ago


I've always felt like consoles are decided by what games they get. Like if you absolutely must play Dead Rising 3, then you need an Xbox One. End of the story. The same is true for Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Uncharted or whatever game you want. So with this being said, I've never really understood the concept of reviewing the console. Especially one that will change vastly over the next couple of years.

With that stuff aside, there really isn't a right or wrong answer. No matter which direction you go, there is going to be some pitfall that lowers creditability. Like a journalist can do a lot of research, but you're probably not going to find many sources that will be able to....

Take apart both systems.
Map out all the specs and how they work.
Look at the OS.
Determine which one makes better use of the specs at hand.
Then finally have "factual" proof of which console is more powerful.

Like the Xbox One might be weaker, but the OS might run better. It's also possible the PS4 is stronger and the OS is more efficient, so the Xbox One can't keep up. Regardless of where the reality actually is, it also boils down to what developers choose to do. Nintendo proved with Mario that amazing things were possible on the Wii and games like The Last of Us prove a lot more could have been accomplished on the PS3 (I don't play Xbox side, so I don't have an xbox example. Sorry). We also know that a lot of things will change over the course of the hardware, so no matter how well researched the review actually is, it could change in an instance. This is why people don't buy fighting game guide books. One update and everything could be different.

When it comes to gaming news sites, we typically see more passionate people speaking from experience. There typically isn't as much research, but you don't need a lot of research to do these reviews and the gaming side knows what people want to know.

In the end, one is not better than the other. Because when it's all said and done, people will buy systems based off what they want to play, what their friends buy and what they feel is important. For some that might be Sony, others Xbox and I suppose it's also entirely possible to have someone swayed for the Wii U.

kratos171820d ago

IMO, ALL console launch reviews are worthless to me. At this point in time PS4 and XB1 are just a couple of empty boxes with last gen multi plats with a slight upgrade and exclusives that were rushed out to meet launch release.

It is impossible to judge a console by its launch, not even its first year.

Way too many changes happen during a console generation to make even an educated guess.

Last gen proves this ten fold.

kratos171820d ago

But if I had to choose it would be an established gaming site that i usually agree with.

jgrigs091820d ago

I personally like to hear the reviews. But, it won't change my mind on what system I want. Make a decision on what YOU like, not others.

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corvusmd1820d ago

Get out of here...whatever, why is guardian doing a review of a gaming console at all? That's like Rolling Stone or New York times....seriously a media form that's no longer valid trying to grade one that is?

LeCreuset1820d ago

The Guardian is no longer valid? Are you drunk? The Guardian broke the Edward Snowden story with all the leaks about the N.S.A. and you call them no longer valid?

RIP_Weazel1820d ago

The guardian covers gaming pretty well - Its an integral part of their media reviews. (Generally pretty sensible with game reviews too!)

strickers1820d ago

The Guardian has long been the UK's most gaming friendly mainstream media.

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