Xbox One and Xbox 360 Will also Get Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Exclusive Content

During the final sizzle reel of the the Xbox One count down launch event Microsoft showcased something rather unsurprising, a quick splash screen with the logo of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes wording “Exclusive Xbox Content”

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Soldierone1697d ago

Are you kidding me.......... This friggin franchise grew with PlayStation, this is just like a giant middle finger to gamers in general.....

rickybadman1697d ago

SMH, such nonsense. It is a big "deal with it to Sony fanboys" not a middle finger to gamers. Because there are a ton of gamers buying an Xbox One

Jughead34161697d ago

This is goofy though. Both consoles with their own exclusive content. Why not just give everyone the same thing at the same time?

Soldierone1697d ago

Till you realize because of this it means both will just be DLC to pay for down the road. Any MGS fan that wants the whole experience basically has to own both consoles and two copies of the game, or wait it out.....

Its like when bands do stupid "track exclusive to" whatever store. In order to get all the "exclusive" tracks you need 10 copies of a cd.

Gaming1011697d ago

For those unaware, the only exclusive stuff according to Kojima at a previous press event was the integration of xbox smart glass. If it were extra missions or stuff gamers actually care about, that would be plastered on every single piece of marketing material you could find, so you have nothing to worry about.

SaturdayNightBeaver1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

those not real gamers. everybody who played psone knows it.

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LOGICWINS1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

The hell? The Metal Gear franchise started on the MSX2...then Nintendo.

Majin-vegeta1697d ago

METAL GEAR SOLID series started on PS1.

Soldierone1697d ago

Key word, started.

I said, "Grew" and was clearly talking about the Solid series lol

LOGICWINS1697d ago

But the FRANCHISE grew up on the PC/NES. Soldierone said FRANCHISE.

Soldierone1697d ago

Two games? It STARTED it didn't GROW until the Solid series.... Why would Kojima keep the Solid name and try to relate everything to the first title otherwise? He hardly even recognizes the original titles at this point....

TWO titles compared to 4 core titles on PlayStation, and 2 games for PlayStation handhelds, one of which inspired this one, digital novels, and the Acid series (again inspired by Solid) all on PlayStation. He even has Vita's and Sony products in his games....

Again, it GREW with PlayStation, no matter which way you spin it.

NeXXXuS1697d ago

Kojima had nothing to do with metal gear for NES.
We're talking about the series that KOJIMA started aka the "solid" series for Metal Gear.

Luke_fon_Fabre1696d ago

Yeah. This is also what I'd say to anyone claiming Metal Gear is a Sony franchise. People need to learn that the series includes MG, MG2, and MGRR. All three of those fit in perfectly, and I have no idea why anyone that likes MGS1-PW wouldn't like those.

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N7KIRK1697d ago

Typical, self-eccentric gamer complaint.

HappyWithOneBubble1697d ago

It don't matter. Most of the time exclusive content are lame and not worth playing. Just give me the main game. MS and Sony are paying for exclusive content and it's not worth it to me.

ape0071697d ago

it's not a middle finger to gamers its' quite the opposite, since many will get X1/360 bersions

it's a middle finger for fanboys not sane people

theBAWSE1697d ago

question... have you yourself made fanboy comments in the past?

Max-Zorin1697d ago

I'm assuming you punched the wall after reading the headline.

Sovereign591697d ago

I know how you feel. Slightly different, but very similar to my disappointment when I heard last week that Playstation would get the Destiny beta before Xbox. As someone whom has been a fan of Bungie since the launch of the first Halo on the original Xbox, it's quite disappointing to see them give so many exclusives and now early access to their latest endeavor.
Ah well, such is the way of the world.

Soldierone1697d ago

Exactly, and I agree with that. Its stupid to see stuff like this happening. If you want to go third party, its fine. Why throw fans under the bus though?

Welcome2Die1697d ago

The game flourished on the Playstation, MGS2 was also on the original Xbox, MGS3 was a PS2 exclusive, MGS4 PS3 exclusive, Rising (Not a real Metal Gear) and these new games are post-Metal Gear, the original game is already over and Kojima wants to keep making these, I do hate that they're not exclusive anymore though, the Xboners dont deserve a game like Metal Gear.
But who cares, everyone should be getting a PS4 anyway, and if youre only getting an Xbone youre pretty much a moron.

chinlu1697d ago

You don't deserve a playstation.

spicelicka1697d ago

lol grow up, how is it a giant finger to playstation if it's the exact same content it would be getting had the xbox not existed. You want them to withold content from other gamers so you an feel better about your friggin life decisions?

Bungie grew up with xbox and they're making destiny for playstation with exclusive content not for xbox. Now if anything THAT would be somewhat of a middle finger by your logic, but even that's not a big deal.

rainhell771697d ago

It actually grew with Nintendo. Fan boyz always think they know best!

come_bom1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Smart move by Konami... that way they can sell the same game twice to the same person. A gamer buys the PS4 version for their exclusive content and buys the X1 version for their exclusive content.

DarkBlood1697d ago

you realised that sony's getting a exclusive mission too right? in fact it was already annouced before the xbox exclusive misson.

Gamer19821697d ago

This is the big payoff this generation. Last year they paid million for GTA DLC this year its some MGS content. I think we know which costs more (Hint it was GTA). Showing which direction MS is heading.

jonli11697d ago

y cause its coming over to xbox 360 and xbox one the playstation version is having content of their own so what are u worrying about

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WeAreLegion1697d ago

Both get exclusive content that will be available later for a price? Cool. -_-

rezzah1697d ago

Unless if it is DLC that is essential to the story it is forgettable.

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curtis921697d ago it's not 'exclusive' anymore is it.

Neo-Axl1697d ago

Kojima, you whore.

The guy just doesn't know what he's doing anymore man.

rezzah1697d ago

Isn't there the possibility that Konami could be forcing his hand?

Calling him a whore is just jumping to conclusions.

Of course if it really is his decisions to make these "exclusive" contents then call him a whore all you want.

ape0071697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

fanboys lol

so weak, so fragile, so illogical

just chill

Neo-Axl1697d ago

I'm a PlayStation gamer, not a PlayStation fan boy. I know that's crazy right? a wild concept on the internet.

I've enjoyed every Metal Gear Solid on PlayStation & will continue to do so as long as they are available on PlayStation, MGS1 pulled me into gaming, it holds a special place for me.

I've preached, Kojima is playing a strange set of cards.

Gamer19821697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

No doubt Kojima hasnt got a saying in this. He has stated he wanted to stay on one console (meaning he wanted to stay ps exclusive without saying so) to make a better all around game but is being forced to make it multi-platform. This is all due to the dying breed of JRPG as they were big money spinners for Konami keeping them loyal to PS brand.

tkato1697d ago

Kojima doesn't know what he's doing? it's more like fanboys doesn't know what they're saying anymore.

Neo-Axl1696d ago

He knows what he's doing, and that's what I mean, I'll leave this here..

"I'm a PlayStation gamer, not a PlayStation fan boy. I know that's crazy right? a wild concept on the internet.

I've enjoyed every Metal Gear Solid on PlayStation & will continue to do so as long as they are available on PlayStation, MGS1 pulled me into gaming, it holds a special place for me.

I've preached, Kojima is playing a strange set of cards. "

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