Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida and Adam Boyes Congratulate Microsoft on Xbox One’s Launch

In a nice show of sportsmanship SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida and Sony’s VP of Publisher & Developer Relations Adam Boyes extended ther congratulations to several Microsoft executives over Twitter.


Edit: added the answers by Microsoft Game Studios Head Phil Spencer. It's love all around :D

Edit 2: added Albert Penello's response as well.

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first1NFANTRY1464d ago

here you go Xbros, what you've all been waiting to hear.

IIXIXI1464d ago

lol be a little bit more like your idol & be respectful. Don't speak for other sony fans that are actually cool people. 30 People are just like you. It makes me cringe

ArtificiallyYours1463d ago

Not like you have the right to vouch for anyone.

Dannycr1463d ago

I like that.. Xbros sounds nice. I really don't see why is it that difficult for all of us to get along. Let's all enjoy our holidays with our games and consoles.

FragMnTagM1463d ago

Certainly better than XBOTS or Sony drones or whatever the hell the fanboys call each other.

Maybe Sony supporters can be S-PROS?

It is cool the executives from both sides are showing respect to one another. If only the fans could do the same...

Off topic: I must say that the games look a lot better on the TV at your house. Obviously they were going to with the compression of streaming videos on the net. I just didn't expect that much of a difference.

I remember someone saying that Forza 5 had really bad jaggies. I have yet to see any. It is very crisp and clear.

mkis0071463d ago

Pauperstation was probably the oddball of the names. Xbros does sound more respectful.

Reverent1463d ago

This is why I love when FOX news or other similar outlets get all butt hurt about how video games are bad for us.

It brings us all together by giving us a common enemy.

Dannycr1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

@Reverent, our common enemy is mainstream media who has been feeding us this BS console war for years. They invented it to capitalize on it. Now they are even "reviewing" consoles just to ignite flame wars. We all remember how it was back then, when we only read gaming magazines, and we used to go to friend's houses to play Genesis if you were a SNES guy and the Genesis people went to our place for some SNES goodtimes. We were all happy for each other and enjoyed sharing. Now, it is all about competition.

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pyramidshead1463d ago

I know right, they were in salty tears hours ago over a simple 1080p comment from a facebook page, the Xbox wasn't even out yet. *roll eyes*

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Dee_911464d ago

Getting hectic out here.

Lowsnamebrand1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

Great time to be a gamer whether your a PC, Sony, nintendo or ms fanboy , hope you all enjoy your consoles as much as I enjoy my ps4

SaturdayNightBeaver1463d ago

I also hope you enjoy ps4 as i enjoyed ps2 :D

Soupaman661463d ago

no ouya?(don't have one , just joking about something to add)

UnHoly_One1463d ago

Man that thing sucks so bad. (Yes I have one) (No, I'm not proud of it) lol

Funantic11464d ago

Truce to the PS4 players. I'll be somewhere in my room playing with my Xbone. You'll hear very little from me. Peace

NeoTribe1464d ago

"Ill be somewhere in my room playing with my xbone". I'm sure you will O_o

kratos171464d ago

haha, that was comical.

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