NBA 2K14 and Dead Rising 3 DRM Checks on the Xbox One

Karam Elahi from SpawnFirst reports: "It seems that Xbox Live servers are starting to act up today, with a constant stream of voices complaining about storefronts and the services being down, period. Now it seems like some titles that depend on Xbox Live services (Azure, etc.) can’t be played on the Xbox One console either. In fact, user ConflictNZ from Neogaf has reported in about him not being able to play NBA 2K14 even before the services went down all together"


Seems like Dead Rising 3 is being affected as well, but with a different DRM message (quote by user Militant17from Neogaf):
"I keep getting this message while trying to launch Dead Rising 3 ""If you have a game disk insert it now. If there is no disk make sure you are signed into Xbox Live. If You don't have the rights to play this you will need to purchase it from the Xbox store". WTF? Either the disk drive is not reading the game or apparently I don't own the rights to the game."

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LiQuiZoN1675d ago

DRM always on. The xbone way of things..
F' Microsoft.

stuna11675d ago

people think they are getting a shiny new bike; but what they're really getting is a big lump of coal!

Onixg5mer1675d ago

Be patient wait until it is fully installed

MitchellK1675d ago

Wait till what is installed? In the article he said the only game he was able to play was the quick match while the game installed which to me means that the game is now installed and won't play...

FragMnTagM1675d ago

I was just playing and had the same "issue."

The game was not fully installed and when I backed out on accident by pushing the XBOX button, old 360 habit for friends, it gave that error message. I let install some more and it fixed itself.

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The story is too old to be commented.