Titanfall Trailer and a "Surprise" Coming at VGX on December the 7th

During the Xbox One count down launch event Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella and host Geoff Keighley teased the very first official world premiere that will come at the VGX awards on December the 7th.

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aviator1891768d ago

Finally, a new trailer.
Wonder what that surprise is...
A beta?

alexkoepp1768d ago

More like series will stay exclusive to Xbox

first1NFANTRY1768d ago

@ alexkoepp

smh...i'll take a genre defining single player game over a mindless shooter any day.

then again, my attention span is well over 5 seconds.

Evil_Abed1768d ago

first1nfantry, then wait for Halo 5 hehehe.

I love how those without any interest in this game always populate the comment section of the game's article. Go play your genre defining game then.

Bolts-N-Rays11091768d ago

I'd probably pick up my XB1 early if they have a beta, instead of waiting until March. Very excited to hear what it is.

SuicideKing1768d ago

Beta please, I Don't know what other surprise it could be.

lets_go_gunners1768d ago

Right before they said surprise for titan fall he specifically said and pc...Betting on cross platform play. No one would care if it's exclusive shit for xbox one. Then again it could be a beta :P.

P0werVR1768d ago

People who are getting it for xbox one would very much care.

chrispseuphoria1768d ago

A release on PS4 would be great but it's impossible...

DeadlyFire1768d ago

Nope. Its Spartan Halo Armor. Only on XBOX One with pre-order.

DOMination-1768d ago

Hopefully ps4 release.

But if not its no big deal as it looks like its just cod with mechs

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Plagasx1768d ago

If the surprise is Beta, I really hope it comes to PC as well...

JasonKCK1768d ago

I would bet Xbox owners get the beta first but IDK as long as they at least have one for the PC.

cactusjack1768d ago

its coming to ps4, thats the suprise.

corvusmd1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Considering it's an online MP game....who cares if it'll still be better on XB1...playing that game P2P would SUCK!!!

Not to mention...why would he tease a surprise at an Xbox event...that would end up being that it's coming to PS4???? Esp after saying several times that it will never come to PS4.

@nikrel Lack of sales???? Prepare foot for mouth

porkChop1768d ago

Dude. Really? Many PS3 games use dedicated servers already, and PS4 games use dedicated servers as well. Servers aren't exclusive to Xbox One and they certainly aren't a "new" thing. Xbox is finally showing up to the party that ended years ago.

Majin-vegeta1768d ago

Jeezus christ you're still on about this p2p crap??try to keep up wih the PS4 news will you?.*coughopenstackcough*.

nikrel1768d ago

Enjoy the lack of sales being Xbox One Exclusive!

Grave1768d ago

It's also coming to PC. I bet they see more sales on Origin than X1.

Convas1768d ago Show
Grave1768d ago

@Convas Perhaps you are right, but I can tell you PC gamers are desperate for an new FPS. CoD and BF are on their way out.

cactusjack1768d ago

you do know any console game that has a pc port only sells a fraction compared to its console counterpart.

MysticStrummer1768d ago

More people will play it on both PC and 360 than will play it on XB1.

My guess for the surprise is… 480p! MS will lead from behind once more by going back to the future with the Retro-Resolution-Revolution! Possible on any platform but only plausible on XB1!



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