What Will Be The First "System Seller" For The PlayStation 4?

Not everyone ran right out and bought the PlayStation 4. If you're one of those gamers who are waiting, is there one certain game you're waiting for?

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gerol1700d ago

Destiny or Infamous: Second Son?

theBAWSE1700d ago

1080p open world game...


Enemy1700d ago

In case anyone missed this. Dat fluid movement.

GarrusVakarian1700d ago

Im thinking the Infamous SS bundle will sell really well. But Uncharted 4 will be the game to make people buy the PS4 (those who haven't already ;p).

tdogchristy901700d ago

Destiny and or Mirror's Edge for me.

Enemy1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

InFamous: Second Son is the closest one everyone's waiting for. Every time a new trailer comes out it gets a million views on youtube in 24 hours. There's reason to believe Uncharted will hit in 2014 as well.

MitchellK1700d ago

November 2014 for uncharted most likely. They usually release the November following the reveal.

Kurisu1700d ago

Yep thats when I'll be getting a PS4, when Uncharted comes out. Until then I have my PS3 and I've still yet to buy GTA V and Beyond. Then in February there's Lightning Returns, March there's FFX | X-2 HD and after I've done with them I'll likeyly pick up Tales of Xillia that I've missed out on.

lifeisgamesok1700d ago

Infamous hasn't convinced me but I know Uncharted will be great it's just one of those games that you know will bring it

OverPaperSkies1700d ago

Got to be Uncharted. Personally I don't think Infamous does it justice. Just my opinion. But Naughty Dog always deliver on Terms of Brilliance. They are the reason to own a PS4!

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The story is too old to be commented.