Stallion83 Given Lifetime Xbox Live Subscription, Limited Edition White Xbox One

8CN: Ray Cox, aka Stallion83, holds the world's highest Xbox Gamerscore, currently clocking in at a staggering 952,400. At tonight's Xbox One Launch Event in New York, Major Nelson awarded Cox's dedication to gaming with a bundle including a console, games, and a lifetime Xbox Live subscription.

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AceBlazer131729d ago

That's actually pretty cool. All those hours invested into gaming finally paid off.Wonder how long till he breaks a million.

GarrusVakarian1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

Awwww man, i have a tenth of his gamerscore....can i at last get a controller? XD

Captain Qwark 91729d ago

arguably paid off. in total he may have saved a couple grand. he prob spent way more in games and the time it would take for all that....pretty sure he has done nothing but play videogames the last 7 years. but to each their own i suppose, if he enjoyed all that time, i guess its a win

gerol1729d ago

wow. congratulations. he deserved it! :)

aviator1891729d ago

Those are some sweet awards.
Can't believe he's about to hit the million mark.

majiebeast1729d ago

Hakoom won a Helghast scout uniform.

Snookies121729d ago

That man deserved that as well lol!

Hakoom and Stallion83 are the beasts of trophies/achievements respectively.

Zack_attack1729d ago

He was looking in the little gift box like it was a fancy engagement ring lol. Good day for that guy.

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The story is too old to be commented.