Why Gamers Need Xbox One to Succeed

Microsoft made a number of mistakes leading up to the Xbox One's launch but their willingness to listen to consumers should be commended and the competition that they offer is badly needed in the industry. Game Freaks 365's Kyle Bell argues that gamers should give the system a second chance.

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theBAWSE1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

gamers? no, gamers need Microsoft to fail, if it wasn't for 'gamers' that TV box they originally unveiled would be reality, we humiliated a multi billion dollar company... gamers did that, we told a multi billion dollar company stuff your TV box you need our money, not the other way around!! gamers made a multi billion dollar company run with their tale between their legs and bow down to US.

with the DRM measures Microsoft STILL keep talking about an how they didn't get a chance to explain... (yes you did.. many chances, you cancelled interviews, treated the public like idiots, DRM was measures to line your pockets, giving a f*ck about the gamers) we just wasn't falling for your draconian influences, got too big for your boots and thought you were in control forgetting your a company.. nothing more, our money talks bullshit walks...

digital age is here from books, music, GAMES.. shopping, what we don't need is a company like Microsoft who is only in this business for money, no passion.. and DRM measures that suit them.

they have released their TV box I hope they fail and sell the Xbox division to a company we can all rally behind... sega/Samsung /apple I wouldn't mind giving any one of those companies a chance

LordHiggens1765d ago

I don't understand the disagrees...this person is right.

xHeavYx1765d ago

The disagree fairy will hit disagree at the sight of the first negative word regarding their system of choice, but it's hard for it to come up with that magical elixir called "facts"
All I have to say it's that, if nothing happened when the Dreamcast disappeared, nothing will happen if the gaming world losses one of its "players"

CarlosX3601765d ago

I read the article, saying "Gamers Need Xbox One to Succeed" and all I could think is: "Um. No, we don't!"

zeal0us1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

If MS would fail it would damage the gaming industry. I would rather they learn from the backlash they cost than to see them fail. It wouldn't good for anyone at the end of the day if they were to fail.

Selling off the Xbox division is easier said than done. Only a few companies got enough money to buy it and those companies more than likely wouldn't. Vivendi had hard time just trying to sell Acti-Blizzard for few billion dollars. Xbox division is worth 10-20 times as much if not more.

ShinMaster1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

I want Xbox One to succeed because it'll be good competition and could help push Sony further. Although success doesn't necessarily mean victory and it probably won't win.

And Xbox really shouldn't dominate because of the direction in which Microsoft would try to steer gaming. We've seen a glimpse of that already this year.

MightyNoX1765d ago

He is indeed correct. Gamers NEED Microsoft to fail for gaming to survive. Microsoft will ebb away at gaming until it's entertainment DLC/DRM hyrbid nonsense.

PS1/PS2 dominated and look at all those awesome games those gens gave us.

ShinMaster1765d ago

Success and victory are two different things.

* If Microsoft succeeds but doesn't win, it'll be good competition which makes Sony better.
* But if Microsoft wins and dominates, then it's the end of console gaming as we know it. And you won't be seeing any 180s next time around.

We need PlayStation.

UltimateMaster1765d ago

They need Xbox One to succeed so that it's the only console on the market and we get DRM!

Wait, no, that ain't good.

We need Xbox One to succeed so that we get to pay Xbox Gold Live to access usually Free Apps!

Wait, that's also just as bad!

We need Xbox One to make the PS4 look Great?

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Greatness Awaits.

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zeal0us1765d ago

Sega? Lol bro you don't want that happen. We already have hard time getting them localize titles for the US&EU.

Instead of hoping they would fail why not hope they will learn from their mistakes and better themselves?

first1NFANTRY1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

you make great points. look people don't hate the X1 for the sake of hating but more so because of the corporation in charge of it (M$).

Ever since they entered the console industry they've helped introduce many anti consumer practices that where not as widespread and mainstream prior to their involvement.

they introduced micro transactions, dlc, exclusive dlc, DRM, money hatting third party exclusives and not to mention they created a console with the highest failure rate in the history of the games industry.

frankly i would rather another company (Samsung etc) take their place. Atleast the competition would actually be healthy this way.

Yomaster1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

I agreed with most of what you said up until the last part.

Yes, MS botched their PR work in regards to many things about the One, especially the DRM, but every company is in it to make money. Even Sony. However, many fail to recognize that Microsoft DID go back on their errors and correct them, for their own gain/damage control or not. I'm not defending their actions, merely stating the fact.

Yet, if you think Microsoft is bad, you probably mentioned some of the worst alternative companies to suggest:

-Sega has trouble putting out anything of quality nowadays, and their last console went down like the Hindenburg.

-Samsung is arguably the worst company in regards to caring for the consumer. Yes, they make good products, and yes, they sell a ton of them. However, those good products tend to have a high failure/issue rate and Sammy is often noted for being bad with QC, software updates, and customer service.

-Apple? You're kidding, right? This company is probably the biggest greed machine there is right now. From products out of sweat shops, to being over-priced, Apple takes the cake. This company will charge you $500 for something the competitor offers for $300. With Apple products, you're really only paying for the Apple name. Their customer service may be great, but you get stuck with over-proprietary, yet necessary add-ons that cost way too much for something that you can do so little with to the point you can only do what they allow you. Factor in their business model that involves an obsolete product every six months, and it's easy to see why Apple could ruin the console industry.

Regardless, competition between Sony and Microsoft has already made the start of this generation better than it would have been. Sony touts a feature, and Microsoft moves to match or one-up it. Then, Microsoft throws a bonus, and Sony is right there to back it up. It's a neverending circle of competition that makes things better for all of us as gamers.

theBAWSE1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )


I see what you are saying but in the gaming space that is so fickle companies have to come correct.. the amount of insane money they invest into making these systems they cannot afford for them to fail.. so yes I would give Sammy and apple a chance.. (just like I gave Microsoft a chance, despite knowing their underhand tactics against competing companies in the PC space, but I gave them a chance with the Xbox I didn't bring there other questionable endeavours into it like you have just done with apple/Samsung and Sega because console gaming is a completely different category from washing machines, smartphones etc).. . if they f*ck up they lose my custom and how Microsoft abandoned the original Xbox and the 360 they lost my loyalty, the DRM measures was just the last straw... as for Sega.. they will always have a soft spot, no one cannot say they weren't a 'gaming' company, dreamcast along with ps2 is probably my favourite system of all time and where would live and psn be if it wasn't for dreamcast?

and for the money part.. you didn't get it, of course every company is in this to make money, but for Microsoft it is money and ONLY money, every single one of those DRM measures was for the benefit of Microsoft penny pinching every single morsel out of that Xbox One ..

Sony and Nintendo at least care about their craft.... ps3 has seen two new ip's in the last couple of months in beyond two souls and arguably a game of a generation 'the last of us' , everyone clamoured for a fighter with playstation characters.. Sony listened and gave us that to, Nintendo even though took a backward step with the wii u still puts out quality... where are the 360 games for past couple years? what about the blatant lies from Microsoft? even now,today in fact despite facts, hardcore facts that the ps4 is more powerful we hear 'bububu but cloud power will make the Xbox One 4 times more powerful' do I want a disloyal lying company like this involved in my hobby?... hell no

what was the need for Microsoft DRM measures and to say we the public were not ready for their vision or the digital age? we are already living it.. digital age is here!! Microsoft just wanted to bend it to their will...

I don't hate Xbox but I do dislike the corporation behind it.

Max-Zorin1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Seeing how Sony easily killed the Dreamcast, killing Dreamcast 2 would be a cake walk. And Lord knows Apple don't need to be around. they would try to make a new system every year. Samsung would do well though.

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MysticStrummer1765d ago

Gamers need MS to learn a lesson.

staticdash221765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Lol I've made my peace with Xbox products. I'm never touching another xbox console man. Congrats to those picking it up but as for me, nah. They've lost me permanently as a potential consumer.

cactusjack1765d ago

can you give me your dealers number.

Max-Zorin1765d ago

He's smoking that garbage from California.

theBAWSE1765d ago

I heard it was homegrown????

TruthInsider 1765d ago

We don't need Microsoft at all.

They have done nothing but introduce gamer unfriendly policies, DLC, microtransactions.

They are dirty, liars, cheats, untrustworthy, have rumoured unfair "parity at release" policies (patched in 1080p for PS4 on AC & COD) and just spout constant PR babble!

Go away!

Leave room for Samsung or someone else.

Nintendo would be the rival next - gen (PS5) so there's some competition if no one else came!

But good god, anyone but MS!

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