Microsoft Partners with McDonald's to Let you Win Free Xbox One Units

During the Xbox One count down launch event Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb announced a partnership with McDonalds for a new contest that will let you win a free Xbox One.

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lets_go_gunners1768d ago

Microsoft Partners with McDonald's to Let you Win Free Xbox One Units....................And loose weight..God you idiots why don't you get that what we want are extensive looks at the games we buy the console for? TitanFall ring a bell?

GiggMan1768d ago

I thought they were all about the new fitness app o_0

NewMonday1768d ago

remember when MS mocked Sony for doing the same thing with Taco Bell?

xHeavYx1768d ago

Advise for all you young kids who want to play for a long time. You better start reading food labels and checking what you put inside your mouth

LOL_WUT1768d ago

I'll gladly take Mc Donald's over Taco Bell just throwing that out there. Either way good move by Microsoft ;)

Kran1768d ago

They are.

Step 1: Buy a McDonalds... many times
Step 2: Eventually win an Xbox One (after the 100th McDonalds)
Step 3: Buy fitness/dance games for Xbox One

See... they are... as long as they get some sort of money...

UltimateMaster1768d ago

If you can't sell them, make promotions to give them for free.

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Langkasuka1768d ago

Order one up with a side of Doritos and MtDew, can you get any more 'Murica than that? :D

Deeloc1768d ago

did any see how many fat people that is waiting for xbone on spiketv

Insomnia_841768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I did! At 14th St Union Square in NYC. They had people from Gamestop at 42st Times Square giving out some papers for a chance to win an Xbox One at the 14th St store. They even had a shuttle bus to bring people here. They gave away 20 units. There was more people waiting for a free system than those waiting to buy and with pre-orders. Hiphopgamer was there, one of his friends was a winner.

I think they are giving away more systems than what they are actually selling. Gotta show some big "sells numbers" to thise shareholders one way or another lol

Reporting from 14th St Union Square NYC to N4G, Insomnia_84.

Bolts-N-Rays11091768d ago

And Sony partnered with Taco Bell. Moral of the story, both company's fail.

MightyNoX1768d ago

Taco Bell = Mcdonald's, Mountain Dew, Doritos.

Nice case of false equivalence.

Bolts-N-Rays11091768d ago

@Mighty All I can do is laugh at you. Actually, fighting over who has worse sponsors?

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Sarcasm1768d ago

It has begun. Going to start seeing those ads on xbl.

JediDiah1768d ago

Do they speak English at McDonalds anymore?

True_Samurai1768d ago

First a ps4 taco. Now a x1 mc double?

arnsekar1768d ago

After Greenberg poked fun at Sony for their promotion, no less.

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