Tampering or no, Sony and Foxconn should learn from this PS4 fiasco

GamesInAsia: As we just reported, an anonymous bulletin board post has led many to believe that Foxconn’s forced student interns — the ones we wrote about earlier this fall — may have tampered with the PS4, and that this tampering may even be the reason some new PS4 owners have experienced issues right out of the box.

It’s not clear whether Sony actually has anything to worry about. The poster certainly sounds angry, but there’s no evidence to suggest he or she is actually one of the student interns that worked at Foxconn’s Yantai plant or that any tampering actually happened.

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SynGamer1769d ago

Fiasco? The failure rate is less than 1%, well BELOW industry standards. Nice try, but yous till fail :)

Tito081768d ago

That is a total useless article asking for hits, they think they're making their lives easy just because this is the internet, they're dying too hard into turning PS4 into another 360 RROD, such losers lol.

DrRobotnik1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

1% is not a fiasco. 50% is a fiasco. Not ignoring the fact that there are defective units out there. But using words like "fiasco" blows it out of proportion, and make it seem like you're grasping at straws. Try again, just word it differently.

cyguration1768d ago

This is important news as far as Foxconn goes. And yes, it is a fiasco. Students engaged in slave-labor conditions so people can have a high-end game console?

It's amazing how far people would rather bury some news over brand loyalty.

yewles11768d ago

It's amazing how brand loyalty is brought up when Foxconn's history involves the likes of Apple, Microsoft and even Nintendo as well.

cyguration1768d ago

No one is saying that those cases are any less important.

Anytime news of Foxconn is brought is up in a negative light (no matter who they're associated with) deserves to have the spotlight shined on the situation.

BKsecret1768d ago

I'm a student nurse in a highly respected and internationally recognized university in Canada. I have clinicals and I'm expected to go and work without pay. I work for several days a week in long hours. I'm forced to do it for credits or else I won't pass and graduate.

How is that any different than these students who were required to do this work for credits?

I don't go and complain about it and treat my patients negatively in respect to my frustration.

LeCreuset1768d ago

I'm pretty sure you expected to do those clinicals when you went into that area of study. I'm also pretty sure that when you do your clinicals, it is actually relevant to furthering your education. They don't put you to work doing the janitors' job when you get there, do they? I don't think those Chinese interns were going to college to learn how to be damn near slaves in low skill manufacturing positions. Maybe they were going to learn to be the slave masters, but that's a whole other subject.

BKsecret1768d ago

Yes I was expecting clinicals in my perceived scope of practice. However, simply because we were student nurses and unpaid for; they forced us to do work that was not even in a nurses' scope of practice. In other words, they made us do the much lower end jobs that registered nurses would never do. Since we weren't registered nurses, they were allowed to make us do it.

We were simply used but we couldn't complain since these subjective mentors were responsible for our marks.

From what I know, these students were in an electronics oriented program, I could be wrong, but if it's true then i totally don't see any difference here than in my situation.

cyguration1768d ago

There were several reports of rape.

That goes on where you work?

The students work two 12 hour shifts with two hour breaks.

The young girls became so stressed working the assembly line that it caused them to have pre-menstral bleeding WHILE WORKING THE LINE.

Students studying finance and accounting were also forced to work the assembly line.

The money these interns should have made goes towards the schools that get kickbacks from the "referral" program Foxconn has.

Foxconn turned to using school students because everyone else wise to the way Foxconn operates have refused to work there.

So... that's what your nursing program is like?

KimoNoir1768d ago Show
C-H-E-F1768d ago

Who wrote this? Please take note that I didn't click on your site because less than 1% faulty system is far from a fiasco. Please don't tell me that you thought an electronic item would release with 0% faulty counterparts. Actually how about you find another electronical device that released with less than 1% faulty accessories and lets see what the press say about that.

weekev151768d ago

Flaimbait article, dont click, downvote. Calling something a fiasco which is by all accounts a massive success (sorry to the few who had defective units, I know you won't see it this way), is ridiculous.

Well done to Sony and MS for successful launches, now lets bring on the quality titles to go with the sales.

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